Website Alive allows staff to live chat with agents during the quoting process.

Vendor Contact

Contact Website Alive.

Getting Started

  1. Contact Website Alive
  2. Complete paperwork
  3. Setup an account
  4. Receive a specific URL

BriteCore Setup

Provide the username and password to your Website Alive account along with the provided URL to IWS.

IWS Only

  • If the URL is not provided
    1. Login to the administrative portal of Website Alive using the credentials provided
    2. Copy the URL
    3. Ensure the URL contains rRouter.asp. See the value for settings.section(alive-chat) of a client currently using this feature to discern the accepted url format
  • Run
    #UPDATE settings SET value='url here' WHERE section='alive-chat'
    Set the value to the URL

BriteCore Processing

On the dashboard of the Agent Portal, agents will see a clickable live chat icon in the upper right. When clicked, agents will be able to instant message with a staff member.


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