Travelers Boiler Re is a leading provider of equipment breakdown reinsurance, underwriting, risk control, claim handling, and risk management services.

Vendor Contact

Christopher Magendantz
Sales and Marketing
860.277.3281 (P)

Angela Ruocco
Technical Contact
860.277.4859 (P)

Getting Started

  1. Contact Christopher
  2. Complete necessary paperwork
  3. Familiarize yourself with BriteCore system tags and BriteData

BriteCore Setup

  1. In BriteCore, navigate to Settings > Vendors > Travelers
  2. Check the box
  3. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > System Tags
  4. Select the Equipment Breakdown tag
  5. Select the effective date
  6. Tag the applicable items
    With the exception of deductibles, if multiple items are selected on a policy they will be summed together for both Limit and Premium
    • Equipment Breakdown Add this tag to any item that you consider Equipment Breakdown Coverage
    • Building Add this tag to any item you wish to report to Travelers BoilerRE as Building Coverage
    • Contents Add this tag to any item you wish to report to Travelers BoilerRE as Contents Coverage
    • Deductible Add this tag to any item whose deductible you want listed (most likely the Primary Coverage). If multiple items exist on a policy that might be classified as Deductible, then the largest deductible will be used in the search group
  7. Contact IWS to enable the Travelers-Bordereau report
    • Where settings.option=travelers-bordereau set value=1

BriteCore Processing

  1. Navigate to Reports > Report List > Travelers Bordereau
  2. Click on the report
  3. Enter last month’s dates
  4. When the report is finished, it will appear in Reports > Attachments


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