Supplemental questions for lines collect additional information about a line item.

Core Concepts


A single question to collect information.

Question Group

A group of related questions to collect information.


A table to collect information about scheduled items.

Do not use ampersands (&), dashes (-), or apostrophes ('). BriteCore will not save answers to questions that contain the aforementioned characters.

Line Item Level

Questions and schedules are at the line item level.

BriteCore Setup

Adding a Question or Schedule

To add questions or schedules, an effective date, line of business, policy type, and line item must already exist:

  1. Navigate to Lines > Effective Date > Policy Type > Line item
  2. Click the line item's pencil
  3. Open the Supplemental Questions box
  4. Click the applicable button
  5. Build the question, question group, or schedule using the remaining information on this page

Question and Question Group Options

Single Line

Displays a standard text input field to collect data like a year, name of previous carrier, or phone number.

Contact > Generic

Displays standard inputs to collect contact information. If the contact exists in BriteCore's Contacts module, it will be suggested; otherwise a new contact will be created.


Displays a standard address field with street address, city, state, and zip code.


The same as the Single Line except it allows for more information to be gathered.


Displays a customized list. For each option in the list (e.g., yes or no) the below restrictions can be applied:

  • None allows the user to select any answer from the list
  • Submit Unbound identifies the answer that, if selected, removes the submit bound checkbox when an agent submits an application
  • Disallow identifies the answer that, if selected, generates a popup indicating the answer is disallowed. At this point, agents should stop the application

Contact > Additional Insured

Displays a dropdown of contacts who have been added as additional insureds to the policy.

Disclaimer Notice

Displays to the user the text typed in the notice setup.

Question and Question Group Settings

Allow Multiples

Allows the user to duplicate the question or group; otherwise the question or group appears once.

Underwriting Question


Required for App. Submission

Requires the agent to answer the question prior to submitting the application. If left blank, the agent will be prompted to complete the answer when attempting to submit the application.

Message Popup for Builder

Creates an icon on the screen for a user to click to view additional information.

Controls whether the question and answer appears on the Declaration, Application, or Quote Summary deliverables.

Settings > Deliverables > Options

Show Supplemental Group Titles on Declarations, Quote Summaries, and Policy Applications

Checked by default, this shows the Group Name of the supplemental question group on the three listed deliverables in the setting title. When unchecked, the Group Name does not appear.

Schedule Setup


Adds headings to the schedule, including item, make, model, year, and serial number.

Include Limit

Creates a default limit column where the user enters the limit of each item and the system automatically sums the limits of all items.

Auto Calculate Limit

Allows the limit to be calculated as the product of the adjacent two columns. See the how-to below.

Show for Applications and Policies (Not Quotes)

Hides the schedule from the agent while the quote is in quote, rather than application, status. Once the quote becomes an application or policy, the schedule will appear.

Include Coinsurance

Takes the user entered limit(s) and multiplies it by the coinsurance factor entered on the screen.

Remove Numbering for Rows

Previously, items on a schedule were numbered by default. With this behavior, when an item is removed from a schedule, the item numbers reorder on the screen and Declaration. For example, deleting an item labeled #2 means that item #3 is relabeled as item #2.

To avoid confusion, a new setting allows clients to choose whether or not to number scheduled items.

When this setting is unchecked, items on a schedule are numbered; when checked, the items are not numbered.

To enable this setting:

  1. Navigate to Lines
  2. Click the relevant Effective Date
  3. Under the desired policy type, click the pencil icon to edit the relevant line item
  4. Navigate to Supplemental Questions
  5. Ensure that the box next to Remove the numbering for rows is checked.

Settings > Deliverables > Options

Show Scheduled Items in the Rating Information Section for Each Line on Declarations, Quote Summaries, and Policy Applications

When checked, the schedule displays with its associated line item in the Rating Information section of the Declaration. When unchecked, schedules are displayed at the end of the Declaration.


  • Homeowner's underwriting questionnaire examples

  • Schedule of items as it appears on a Declaration example


Alter Supplemental Questions on an Active Effective Date

Altering supplemental questions or schedules on an active effective date is generally unadvised as changes will uncommit policies. The query controlling whether changes uncommit policies looks only for policies with the line item attached; no other criteria is used. In this way, BriteCore only knows the line item has changed and all policies with that line item should be uncommitted.

Auto Calculate the Limit for a Schedule

  1. Access the line item
  2. Within the Setup box, ensure the Line item has a limit. setting is checked
  3. Within the Supplemental Questions box, click Add a Schedule
  4. Check Include Limit
  5. Check Auto Calculate Limit
  6. The label of the first column defaults to Limit and cannot be changed
  7. Label the next two columns
  8. Add and label additional columns as needed

Pictured below is an example of this feature where the limit is automatically calculated from the product of the # of Head and Limit per Head.


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