By Department

Reports are grouped loosely by department for documentation purposes. All reports appear in the Reports module unless specified otherwise.

Billing, Accounting, or Finance


Title Recommended Purpose
Agent Commission Report Monthly Commissions for the month
Retrieve Commission Reports Monthly Commission reports sent to agencies
Retrieve Negative Commission Reports Monthly Commission reports sent to agencies
Agency Experience Report Monthly Analyze YTD agency performance


Title Recommended Purpose
Accounting Detail Weekly/Monthly Master accounting report for balancing
Aged Accounts Receivable Monthly Audit past due balances
Billed Accounts Receivable Monthly Identify accounts that have been billed, are unpaid, but not yet overdue
Provides more information on current outstanding invoices than the Aged Accounts Receivable report
Credits on Canceled Policies Monthly Identify lingering credits
Credits on Policies Monthly Identify lingering credits on all policies
Invoices Coming Due Weekly Tool to take action prior to non-pay issuance
Write-Offs and Waives Monthly Record of write-offs and waives
Payoff Amounts Monthly Determine outstanding payoff amount


Title Recommended Purpose
Cash Balance Monthly Balance to bank statements
Payments Received Daily Daily cash balance of deposits
Premium Earned but Unpaid Daily Audit earned but unpaid premium
Return Premiums Daily Audit return premium checks



Title Recommended Purpose
Incomplete Contacts Quarterly Audit incomplete contact information
Terminated Policies Quarterly Analyze reason for cancellations

Policy Management

Title Recommended Purpose
Certificate of Mailing Daily Accompanies parcels requiring proof of certified mailing
Inspections Due Monthly Identify risks requiring reinspection
Policy Change Requests Daily/Weekly Audit of agent-initiated endorsements
Policy Expirations Weekly/Monthly Review expiring policies
Policy Renewals Weekly/Monthly Review renewing policies
Uncommitted Policies/Revisions Weekly/Monthly Identify unissued policies

DayCron Report

This report is emailed nightly to contacts in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Processing > DayCron Report. Recipients should receive an email between midnight and 2 a.m.

The email reflects processing that is scheduled to occur the next night. Any action taken during the day can affect what will occur. For example, if a policy scheduled to cancel overnight due to non-pay is paid during the day then the policy will not cancel overnight as the DayCron report indicates.

Within the email, policies are divided into the below categories. If no policies exist for a certain category, that category will not appear:

  • Automatic Payments Policies that will automatically withdraw funds
  • Renewals Policies that will renew
  • Recommits Policies with uncommitted renewal revisions that should be committed
  • Cancellation Pending / Non-Renewals Policies that will enter Cancellation Pending for Underwriting or will expire due to non-renewal
  • Non-Pays Policies that will enter Cancellation Pending for Non-Pay
    If a payment is declined or processing is interrupted, a policy will enter non-pay. For that reason, policies in the Automatic Payments section also appear in this section
  • Cancellations Policies that will cancel
  • Files to be Printed This should be ignored due to advancements with Titanium Blizzard and other areas of code


Title Recommended Purpose
Inforce Premium As needed Determine total inforce premium
Premium Running As needed Analyze written and earned activity over a targeted, non-standard range
Premium Written, Earned, and Unearned Monthly Master premium report for YTD and monthly activity
Premium Written Over a Date Range As needed Analyze written activity over a targeted, non-standard range for agencies



Title Recommended Purpose
Uncommitted Claims Weekly Audit claims without assigned statuses
Claim Change Log Extract As needed Using Excel, create custom views based upon each claim transaction that occurred during the report period


Title Recommended Purpose
Claim Payments Daily/Weekly Track claim payments
Losses Incurred Weekly Track losses incurred
Open Loss Weekly Track open claims
Claims by Loss or Closed Date As needed Analyze claim experience over a specified date range


Title Recommended Purpose
Reinsurance Received / Recovered Monthly Track reinsurance received
Reinsurance Reserved Monthly Compare expected to actual reinsurance recoveries

Reports for Agents

Title Recommended Purpose
Agency Payments Received Monthly Agency-only report to view sweep payments

BriteCore Setup

Agency Experience Report

Loss Ratio

Via a database-only setting, the loss ratio may be calculated one of the following ways:

  • incurred_earned Incurred Losses / Earned Premium
  • incurred_lae_earned (Incurred Losses + LAE) / Earned Premium
  • incurred_written Incurred Losses / Written Premium
  • incurred_lae_written (Incurred Losses + LAE) / Written Premium
  • paid_lae_written (Losses Paid + Total LAE Paid) / Written Premium

Update the value to the desired loss ratio calculation, and then run #UPDATE settings SET value='set loss ratio option (e.g., incurred_earned)' WHERE option='agency-experience-loss-ratio'

Losses Paid

The Losses Paid calculation is Losses Paid - Salvage - Subrogation. Given this calculation, which is necessary for an accurate Loss Ratio, the Agency Experience report will not balance to the Claim Payments report.

Remove Columns from the Report

  1. Access the client's database
  2. Run the below query
    SELECT * FROM reports WHERE name = 'Agency Experience'
  3. Open the css column
  4. Each column in the report has its own css class. Add display:none; to the column's css class that you would like to hide

Agency Experience Paid Premium

This report is like the Agency Experience report with a handful of amendments:

  • The loss ratio is based on paid premium rather than written premium
  • Includes paid losses but excludes adjusting and legal payments
  • Adds an extra column for LAE, which is a constant multiplied by paid losses. Recoveries (salvage, subrogation, reinsurance) are deducted from recoveries to comprise Net Losses Paid
  • Adds an extra column for Operating Expenses (OPEX) which is a constant multiplied paid premium (commissionable amount)

Important notes

  • The LAE and OPEX multiplier can be updated, if necessary. A single rate is used in each case for all agencies and lines of business
  • Claims considered for opening and ending reserves will match the Open Loss report
  • Paid premium will match the Agent Commission report
  • This report runs year to month-end
  • Those with access may review PR 4271
  • To enable, run
    #UPDATE reports SET hidden=1 WHERE name='Agency Experience Paid Premium'

Agency Group Experience Report

Similar to, but separate from, the Agency Experience report, the data is summarzied by agency group along with a few other amendments. Those with access may review PR 4421. To enable, run

#UPDATE reports SET hidden=1 WHERE name='Agency Group Experience'


Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Processing

Month-End XLS Reports

Recipient(s) receive a Report Runner Results: Company Name email like the below when month-end reports complete.


When a user manually runs a report to what email address is Report Runner notification sent when the report completes?
The Report Runner notification is sent to the email address on file in the Contacts module for the user who ran the report.


Report unclear or missing documentation.