Reliable Reports is a property/casualty insurance inspection and reporting bureau. In BriteCore, staff can order inspections on personal and commercial properties.

The following reports can be ordered.

Core Reports

  • PP02E2Vi - E2Value Data Points Observation and Measurement Report with No Replacement Cost
  • PP04E2Vi - E2Value Data Points Observation and Measurement Report with Replacement Cost
  • PP01Bi - Dwelling Observation Report
  • PP07 - Farm Fire
  • CU52- Apartment (1-50 Units)
  • CU15B - Inspection of Premises
  • CU58B - 1-4 Family Commercial Residential Property Survey


  • PP84ai - Roof Top Supplement
  • CU60a - Restaurant Rider

Vendor Contact

Trey McCandless
Regional Sales Manager
316.213.3420 (P)

Drew W. Allen
Information Technology Manager

Carolyn Mendoza
Import Manager

Ken Garfat
SVP of Client Services
800.460.0723 ext. 372 (P) | 800.460.0724 (F)

Getting Started

  1. Contact Trey
  2. Complete paperwork
  3. Reliable will provide
    • Username
    • Password
    • RRI Account Number

BriteCore Setup

  1. In BriteCore, navigate to BriteCore > Settings > Vendors > Reliable Reports
  2. Check the box
  3. Click the pencil
  4. Enter the account information provided by Reliable

BriteCore Processing

  1. Email Drew at least one week prior to the first inspection order
  2. Navigate to the Property tab of a policy
  3. Click Request Reliable Inspection
    Ordering reports are reserved for staff only; agents do not see the Request Reliable Inspection button
  4. Select the appropriate Report, Primary Coverage, and Supplements
  5. If desired, add instructions, up to 255 characters, to the Special Instructions field
  6. Click Send Inpection Report
  7. Today’s date will appear under Last Inspection Date
  8. Add a date to the Next Inspection Date section
  9. Run the Inspections Due report to see upcoming inspections

Ordered reports go to Reliable’s FTP server where they gather the reports once per day. Once a report is complete,

  • Reliable will email the report requester
  • Reliable will place the completed report in the outbound folder in their FTP using the convention policynumber_ReliableInternalReferenceNumber.pdf
  • BriteCore will retrieve and upload the report to the policy’s Attachments tab

More Information

  • Inspections are on a per property basis. The inspections appear in properties.inspectionRequestedDate and properties.nextInspectionDate
  • See lib/vendors/reliablereports.py
  • Scheduled maintenance email example


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