BriteCore deliverables will print automatically overnight via a Windows-based software program called Titanium Blizzard.

Preliminary Work

  1. Familiarize yourself with BriteCore deliverables
  2. Determine whether you will print deliverables on- or off-site
  3. Identify a Windows computer to host the Titanium Blizzard software. This computer must remain logged in and on overnight
  4. If you are unfamiliar with configuring software and working with your printer, please schedule a time for your IT vendor to be on-site

Key Decisions

  • Will you print deliverables in-house or use a vendor?
  • Determine on which calendar days you do not want printing to occur. Clients typically do not print on Saturday, Sunday, and a handful of holidays
  • Will you install Titanium Blizzard on one or more computer?
    Only one running copy of the program should have auto-printing turned on, otherwise you could experience duplicate copies of deliverables. Turn auto-printing on/off via Titanium Blizzard Menu > Configuration > Auto-print
  • Will you print deliverables by policy number, by deliverable type, or by batch?

Titanium Blizzard Setup

Install Titanium Blizzard (TB)

  1. Identify a Windows PC upon which to install the software
  2. Download TB
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Run setup.exe
  5. Select Install. TB will download, install, and run
  6. Click the tray icon to open TB. IWS will provide an API key and URL
  7. Within TB, navigate to Titanium Blizzard Menu > Configuration
  8. Configure TB based on your client-specific settings

Batch Printing

A new setting enables TB to use batch labels to sort mailers for printing. Batch printing will merge all documents to be printed for a mailing address into one PDF.

Batch printing must be previously set up in BriteCore.

To set up batch printing in TB, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Titanium Blizzard Menu > Configuration
  2. Select Use Batch Printing like the image above
  3. Click Yes on the Add Known Documents? pop-up to import all of your batch labels
  4. See Add Known Documents
  5. Select your default printer
  6. Click Edit
  7. To sort documents by your batch labels, check Print By Document Type
  8. Specify the order batch labels print and the paper tray they print from on the Configure Sorting and Routing menu
  9. See Document Sort Order and Advanced Routing

Document Sort Order

The Configure Trays (Advanced) screen has been renamed Configure Sorting and Routing. From the Configure Sorting and Routing screen, you can configure how your documents are sorted when being downloaded and printed:

  • If you use Print By Policy, you can define how the documents are ordered within a policy
  • If you use Print By Document Type, all files will be grouped by document type and then sorted by the order you define

When you first view the Configure Sorting and Routing screen, you will see either a single pane screen that shows only Document Sort Order like the image below or a double pane screen that shows Document Sort Order and Advanced Routing Schema if you already have advanced routing schema setup.

To configure document sort order, complete the following steps:

  1. Under Document Sort Order, drag and drop to select a document or batch label and create the order you would like to receive your documents
  2. Click Save and Close

To test if the sort order takes place, retrieve a print job. If a document or batch label is missing, you may not have retrieved your batch labels (see Batch Printing) or need to add the individual document (see Add Known Documents).


Single Tray Routing

Most common.

Single tray routing allows you to select one paper tray for all routing. However, a tray must be set up for auto-print to function, or you may use Advanced Routing.

Most clients use “Automatically Select” (or some variation in wording) which lets the printer choose from which paper tray to print. If you utilize different paper types for different items, you may want to use the Advanced Routing Schema.

Advanced Routing

The Advanced Routing Schema allows you to set up individual paper trays and specify which documents print from each tray. Document types must be nested within the proper paper trays like the image below.

Important notes

  • Any document nested within another document will create an error
  • If only one tray is used, use single tray routing
  • Once you have configured specific trays, add an additional tray with no documents
    • Unknown documents will default to this tray
  • Document Sort Order defines what order files are printed, so it doesn't matter what order documents appear under each paper tray in Advanced Routing Schema

Add Known Documents

Known Documents are document types that can be sorted in Document Sort Order. They are referenced on the main screen as FileType. The default setup includes Declarations and Bills, but many clients have their own custom deliverables, forms, and batch labels. In order to sort these documents, you need to add them as known document types.

To add known documents, complete the following steps:

  1. Retrieve the document you would like to add from the main window
  2. Right click the document
  3. Select Add Selected FileType to Known Documents
  4. Change the sort order of the document type to fit your printing needs
  5. See Document Sort Order

Initial Troubleshooting

  1. Ensure the API key and URL are correct. Without a proper API key and URL, TB will not function properly
  2. Disable Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware / Firewall and try again
    • In the past, TB has been incorrectly identified as malware by Sonicwall and other antivirus programs. When this occurs, TB must be whitelisted; contact your IT Administrator for help
  3. See the My deliverables did not print automatically. What do I do? FAQ

BriteCore Setup



  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > Calendar
  2. Federal holidays
    • Check the box next to the Federal holidays on which you will not print deliverables
    • If desired, define the Days Before and Days After as well. For example, if you do not print on Christmas and Christmas Eve, check the Christmas box then set Days Before to 1
      This setting governs the Federal holiday rather than the actual day. If Christmas falls on a Sunday, the Federal holiday is Monday; therefore, you would not receive printing on Monday
  3. Other holidays
    • Consider adding holidays in which the USPS is closed. For example, the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in January
  4. Business Days
    • Check the box next to the days you want printing to occur


Two sets of emails concern printing.

Titanium Blizzard

The Print Job Complete For: email is configured in TB and contains the details of a print job and the files that printed:

  1. Open Titanium Blizzard
  2. Navigate to Titanium Blizzard Menu > Configuration
  3. The right half is titled Optional Configuration
  4. Enter an email(s) in the Send Print Emails To section at the bottom of the screen. Use a comma to separate emails
  5. Click Save and Close



This email has an administrative and agency version.


The Files That Printed For Insurance Company on YYYY-MM-DD email, or Print Hawk report, is configured in BriteCore and details all documents that printed overnight. The email is sent automatically overnight to identified email address(es). This email should match the TB email with the exception of forms, which appear on the TB report but not this report. To identify recipients of the Print Hawk report, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Print Audit
  2. Enter email address(es)
  3. Click Save



The agency New Documents Available - YYYY-MM-DD email is also configured in BriteCore and details the documents that printed overnight for that agency. The email is sent automatically overnight to the agency's identified email address:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts module
  2. Access the agency
  3. Set an email address for the agency in the Email section
  4. Navigate to the Notices section
  5. Check the Accept Policy Documents Electronically setting
  6. Check the Send Daily "Print List" Email setting
  7. Select the email address in the Email Address to Use section
  8. Click Save


Printing options

Printing options are configured in the settings.section='printing' area of the database.

Deliverables print alphanumerically by policy number via the sort_by_policy option, the default setting for printing. A computer sorts numbers differently than a person. For example, 10-2015-123 would appear before 10-2015-2 as the computer is comparing 1 to 2 rather than 123 to 2.

To enable, run

#UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option= 'sort_by_policy'


Policy list Print order
10-2015-2 10-2015-1
10-2016-1 10-2015-123
10-2015-1 10-2015-2
FO123 10-2016-1
HO123 FO123
FO124 FO124
10-2015-123 HO123

When printing by policy number (the above option), the order of deliverables can be explicitly defined via the order option.

To enable, set the order of deliverables, and then run UPDATE settings SET value='[ \"Declaration\", \n \"Declaration - New Policy\", \"Declaration - Renewal\", \"Declaration - Endorsement\", \"Amended Billing Statement\",\n \"Combined Billing Statement\", \"Initial Billing Statement\", \"Installment Billing Statement\", \"Renewal Billing Statement\",\n \"Notice of Reinstatement\", \"Notice of Cancellation Non-Payment of Premium\", \"Pre-Authorized Payment Schedule\"]' WHERE option = 'order'; Important notes

  • Initial (new business) and renewal billing statements print with their respective Declarations. For that reason, they are not explicitly set in the setting
  • Document types are matched against types in the list. For example, a custom deliverable called Cancellation Notice will match, by name, to the Notice of Cancellation Non-Payment of Premium. If a match cannot be found, the deliverable will print alphabetically by document type after deliverables found in the list have printed

Using a different combination of the above two settings, deliverables can print by type first then by policy number. In this case, new business Declarations and invoices can print for all policies in policy number order, followed by renewal Declarations and invoices for all policies in policy number order:

  1. Disable the sort_by_policy option by running
    #UPDATE settings SET value=0 WHERE option='sort_by_policy'
  2. Set the order of deliverables, and then run
    UPDATE settings SET value='[ \"Declaration\", \n \"Declaration - New Policy\", \"Declaration - Renewal\", \"Declaration - Endorsement\", \"Amended Billing Statement\",\n \"Combined Billing Statement\", \"Initial Billing Statement\", \"Installment Billing Statement\", \"Renewal Billing Statement\",\n \"Notice of Reinstatement\", \"Notice of Cancellation Non-Payment of Premium\", \"Pre-Authorized Payment Schedule\"]' WHERE option = 'order';

Group Deliverables by Policy Number and Recipient then Print by Defined Batches

Deliverables for a given contact on a policy are merged together into one PDF file. Merged files are then printed in defined batches using classifiers. Batch classifiers currently include

  • page_range(x,y) batches where x and y are inclusive start and end points for the range. For example, page_range(1,4) will include mailings between 1 and 4 pages
  • certified_mail batches based upon whether This document must be sent by certified mail is checked for a deliverable in Settings > Deliverables
  • return_premium batches based upon the existence of the Return Premium Notice
  • new_business batches based upon whether or not the mailing contains a new business Declaration or invoice
  • billing batches based upon whether the mailing contains a billing statement

Conditions are evaluated in Python. Given this, classifiers can be combined using logical operations that follow this order of operation: parenthesis, not, and, then or. For example, a batch setup of billing and page_range(1,2) would print mailings that are 1-2 pages long and contain a bill, but not new business.

Initial Setup

  1. Enable the sort_by_policy setting by running
    #UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option='sort_by_policy'
  2. Set the order of deliverables, which defines the order of deliverables in the merged PDF, and then run
    UPDATE settings SET value='[ \"Declaration\", \n \"Declaration - New Policy\", \"Declaration - Renewal\", \"Declaration - Endorsement\", \"Amended Billing Statement\",\n \"Combined Billing Statement\", \"Initial Billing Statement\", \"Installment Billing Statement\", \"Renewal Billing Statement\",\n \"Notice of Reinstatement\", \"Notice of Cancellation Non-Payment of Premium\", \"Pre-Authorized Payment Schedule\"]' WHERE option = 'order';

  3. Enable the merge_docs_by_recipient_and_pol by running #UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option='merge_docs_by_recipient_and_pol'
  4. Set the batches using the available classifiers, and then run
    When updating batches, use a JSON parser #UPDATE settings SET value = [ {
    "name": "New Policies",
    "condition": "new_business",
    "comment": "Mailings with new business declarations."
    "name": "Bills w/ 1 page",
    "condition": "billing and page_range(1,1)",
    "comment": "Mailings that are 1 page long and contain a bill, but not a new business dec."
    "name": "2-5 page bills, standard mail",
    "condition": "billing and page_range(2, 5) and not certified_mail",
    "comment": "Mailings that are 2-5 pages containing a bill, but not documents which must be sent via certified mail, or a new business declaration."
    "name": "2-5 page bills, certified mail",
    "condition": "billing and page_range(2, 5) and certified_mail",
    "comment": "Mailings that are 2-5 pages containing a bill, documents which must be sent via certified mail, but not a new business declaration."
    "name": "Contrived Example",
    "condition": "not billing and (page_range(6) or return_premium())", "comment": "Mailings that do not contain a bill and are either 6 pages or more in length or contain a return premium notice, but do not contain a new business declaration."
    WHERE option='batches'

Important notes

  • Forms are included in the merged PDF file but only for the primary named insured
  • Along with being merged, each individual document will be forced to have an even page count. This is to prevent forms from being printed on the back of other forms if duplexed printing is used
  • The agency print hawk report will contain the individual policy documents as pictured above and not the combined mailing deliverable

Attachments tab of the policy

  • Each merged PDF file will appear in a new Mailings folder within the policy's Attachments tab
  • The Mailings folder is locked by default (files.private=1), which means agents can neither see the folder nor its contents
  • Individual deliverables follow the print state of the merged document to ensure agency print hawk emails and InsVista notifications continue to function
  • Any documents that cannot be merged will print as an individual file and its print state will update accordingly

Additional Settings

Each merged PDF file will appear in a new Mailings folder within the policy's Attachments tab. However, the name of the folder can be customized. To change the name of the folder from Mailings, contact IWS via a ticket with your desired folder name. Whatever you name the folder, it will be plural and the document name will be followed by "of ". For example, if "Mailing" is entered for the merged_mailing_doc_name setting, the folder will be named "Mailings" and documented will be named "Mailing of Joe Sample".

IWS Only

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  2. Search for merged_mailing_doc_name
  3. Select True or False

By default, the Mailings folder is hidden from agents. To allow agents to access this folder and its contents, contact IWS via a ticket

IWS Only

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  2. Search for privatize_merge_mailings
  3. Select True or False

Batches setting

  • This setting can be left empty. When empty, all merged documents will be assigned a batch of unclassified
  • The order of the batch classifiers as listed in the batches setting is the order of precedence for each batch. If a mailing would fit in more than one batch, the batch earliest in the list will be used
  • Overwrite stock deliverables functionality will not trigger batching
  • The setting must have at least two keys (name and condition). An optional third key (comment) is provided to describe the purpose of the batch
    • The name key should be limited to 32 characters as that is the limit of characters in the files table
    • The total configuration must not exceed 5000 characters
    • The value must be valid JSON


Learn more about forms.


Retreive the Log File
Uninstall Titanium Blizzard
Update Titanium Blizzard
Update API Key
Resend the Print Hawk Emails
Stop Using Titanium Blizzard
Integrate with a Printing Vendor
Change Printers While Using Titanium Blizzard
Prepare for Long Holidays
Generate an API Key

Retrieve the Log File

Send Today's File

Retrieve the log file via Titanium Blizzard Menu > About > Send Log File to IWS.

Send the Last 4 Day's Worth of Files

Use this option to troubleshoot printing issues that occurred over a weekend or holiday:

  1. Navigate to the Windows Start menu
  2. Click Run
  3. Type %appdata% (include the percent signs)
  4. Hit Enter
  5. Double click Titanium Blizzard
  6. Right click the Logs folder
  7. Scroll to Send To...
  8. Choose Zip File
  9. Attach the zip file to the ticket

Uninstall Titanium Blizzard

These steps will remove the software but not your configuration settings:

  1. Ensure all active Titanium Blizzard instances are closed via Titanium Blizzard Menu > Exit
  2. Navigate to the Windows Control Panel via Start Icon
  3. Search for Control Panel
  4. Select Uninstall a Program via Programs > Uninstall a program
  5. Locate Titanium Blizzard in the list of programs
  6. Select Titanium Blizzard and click Uninstall/Change. You will then be prompted to Remove the application from the computer
  7. Select OK
  8. The icon and program is now removed

Update Titanium Blizzard

Titanium Blizzard checks for updates when it is restarted. To install the update, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Titanium Blizzard Menu > Exit Titanium Blizzard
  2. Reopen Titanium Blizzard. A window will display that says Update Available
  3. Click OK
  4. Click Install on the next window
  5. You may receive a security warning that reads Windows protected your PC. To bypass the warning, click More Info, and then Run Anyway as pictured below

Update API Key

API keys are tied to a specific contact. This is a secret key that allows Titanium Blizzard to interact with BriteCore. If a contact changes or a key needs to be changed, complete the following steps:

  1. Request a new API key from IWS
  2. Open Titanium Blizzard
  3. Navigate to Configuration via Titanium Blizzard Menu > Configuration
  4. Under BriteCore API Key, delete the old key
  5. Copy/Paste or type your new key
  6. Select Save and Close
  7. You should now be able to retrieve printing with the new key

Resend the Print Hawk Emails

Print Hawk emails may be resent for today only. Submit a ticket to IWS if a specific date other than today is required. Otherwise, complete the following steps:

  1. Open Titanium Blizzard
  2. Navigate to About via Titanium Blizzard Menu > About
  3. Click Send Print Hawk

Stop Using Titanium Blizzard

Close or uninstall the Titanium Blizzard application.

Integrate with a Printing Vendor

See also the MassPrinting vendor integration.

Preliminary Steps

  1. Ensure the vendor is willing to integrate with an API
  2. Confirm the vendor will enter an agreement with you indicating the vendor will securely handle your data
  3. Verify when the vendor will print and mail documents. There may be a 1-2 day difference from when the vendor mails and when you would have mailed the documents from your office using Titanium Blizzard

Initial Steps

  1. The vendor will need an API key. Submit a ticket to IWS to have an API key generated for the vendor
  2. The vendor must integrate with BriteCore's printing API. Provide the Printing API document to the vendor

With an API key, the vendor will have access to all API functions that appear on the site. Given this, secure a written agreement from vendor indicating they will handle your data in a secure way and only with your permission. Also, the agreement should specify the vendor will only use API calls that you approve during the development phase, which are those listed in the Printing API document.


In conjunction with the Printing API document, the vendor should notate the following during implementation and the initial phase of testing:

  • Within BriteCore, printing occurs after your Cron finishes processing. The Cron does not complete at the same time each evening. As such, the vendor should retrieve the documents when {"processing": "done"} is true within the getToBePrinted API call. Otherwise, the vendor might attempt to retrieve documents while BriteCore is still generating them
  • When testing getToBePrinted, the result will most likely be empty. An empty result will be due to timing. Printing occurs automatically overnight and, as a result, deliverables update to a state of printed. This means when the test is run, all deliverables will have printed for the day. To continue testing, then, a manageable set of results is needed. A manageable set of results can be returned by
    • Passing the ignore_state parameter a value of true. This ignores the fact that the deliverables printed
    • Scanning for one date rather than a full year. Scanning an entire year while ignoring the print state of deliverables would result in too many results


  1. In the testing phase, ensure there are stock and custom deliverables scheduled to print
  2. In Titanium Blizzard, turn Automatic Print to off
  3. Wait to manually print deliverables from Titanium Blizzard
  4. The vendor should remove ignore_state from their API call, thereby scanning back a full year to pick up all unprinted deliverables
    • Deliverables should be retrieved when {"processing": "done"} is true
  5. The vendor will print the deliverables
  6. You, the client, should manually print deliverables from Titanium Blizzard. Since you used Titanium Blizzard to print, it will update the deliverables to printed. As such, the vendor does not need to call markAsPrinted during this test
  7. Compare the two print jobs


See the Stop Using Titanium Blizzard how-to.


Will I still receive the daily print report (Print Hawk)?
Yes. The vendor will need to make a final API call to send the report. The call looks like this curl -d '{"api_key": "YOUR_API_KEY", "date": "2016-08-31"}'

What if the vendor experiences an issue and cannot print the documents?
Manually print the documents from your office:

  1. Open Titanium Blizzard
  2. Click Retrieve
  3. Select the documents to print
  4. Click Print
    Do not turn on auto-print

Change Printers While Using Titanium Blizzard

  1. Open Titanium Blizzard
  2. Click Titanium Blizzard Menu
  3. Click Configuration
  4. Click Add in the BriteCore Printers section
  5. Add the new printer
  6. Select the new printer
  7. Click Edit
  8. Click Configure Sorting and Routing
  9. Select a tray from the dropdown
  10. Click Save and Close

Prepare For Long Holidays

General Printing

Review your calendar settings in Settings > System Wide Calendar. Update the settings far in advance of the holiday. For example, Thanksgiving settings should be updated no later than October.

Add a New Holiday

To add a new holiday, such as Good Friday, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide Calendar
  2. Under Other Holidays, click +
  3. Name the holiday
  4. Set the holiday dates
  5. Click Save

Once saved, documents will no longer be scheduled to print on the dates indicated. Again, the dates should be set far in advance of the holiday.



For potential non-pays, run the Invoices Coming Due report the week of the holiday (e.g., Thanksgiving).

Possible Action

To avoid non-pays over the holiday, edit/reprint the invoice in question and change its due date to the next available business day (e.g., Monday after Thanksgiving). Update the cancel date accordingly.



  1. Access and upload the Policies in NonRenewal report as from the shared BriteData folder
  2. Run the report over the required date range
  3. Use Excel to filter the columns as desired
  4. Verify how many days in advance you issue a Notice of Non-Renewal in Settings > Modules > Policies > Policy LifeCycle Edit button > Non-Renewal > Notification

Possible Action

If a non-renewal is set to generate over the holiday (e.g., a policy with a January effective date), generate and mail the notice the week of Thanksgiving via the Custom Deliverable button on the policy.

The originally scheduled copy will still generate over the holiday and potentially print on the next scheduled business day.

Generate an API key

This is reserved for IWS employees:

  1. When setting up Titanium Blizzard, an API key and URL are needed
  2. To generate an API key, grab the contact's UUID
  3. Access the britecore shell > contacts > generate_api_key
  4. The URL is the client's BriteCore site URL


When days are not selected for printing, when would documents that should have printed on that day print? For example, if Saturday and Sunday are not selected as printing days and an invoice has a bill date of that Sunday, would the document print on the next selected day (Monday) or the previous selected day (Friday)?
Printing always occurs on the next business day. For example, deliverables that are scheduled to print on a Saturday or Sunday will print on Monday.

My deliverables did not print automatically. What do I do?

  1. Verify the computer is on and the Windows user account is logged in. The computer can be locked but not logged out, in sleep mode, or turned off
  2. Verify Titanium Blizzard is running. If the computer was shutdown, restart it; if Titanium Blizzard application was closed, reopen it
  3. Ensure you can print any document from that computer. If not, there is a disconnect between the computer and your printer. Re-establish the connection
  4. Verify the computer is connected to the internet
  5. Ensure the auto print checkbox is selected in the Titanium Blizzard configuration
  6. If any changes were made to printers or trays, update your tray configuration via Titanium Blizzard Menu > Configuration > Select printer and edit > Configure Sorting and Routing > Select tray and ensure it is enabled > Save and Close
  7. Restart Titanium Blizzard via Titanium Blizzard Menu > Exit Titanium Blizzard
  8. Restart the computer upon which Titanium Blizzard is installed
  9. Retrieve the log file via Titanium Blizzard Menu > About > Send Log File to IWS
  10. Submit an OOPS! ticket to IWS and attach the log file

What if a deliverable prints that I do not want mailed?

  1. Recycle the deliverable
  2. Navigate to the Attachments tab of the policy
  3. Change the print state to not mailed

What if an unwanted deliverable is scheduled to print?

  1. Navigate to the Attachments tab of the policy
  2. Change the print state to void, which removes the deliverable from the screen

How do I turn auto-printing on or off?
Via Titanium Blizzard Menu > Configuration > Auto-Print.

Why can I manually, but not automatically, print deliverables?
No trays were selected for the printer. Auto print, unlike manual, will not guess which tray to use. Identify trays via Titanium Blizzard Menu > Configuration > Select printer and edit > Configure Sorting and Routing > Select tray and ensure it is enabled > Save.

The Titanium Blizzard application will not start/open or I received the message Cannot continue. The application is improperly formatted. Contact the application vendor for assistance. What is my next step?

  • This is a problem with the .NET framework installed on the machine and can occur after a Windows update or patch
  • Uninstall then reinstall Titanium Blizzard using the steps above, which will install .NET Framework 4.5
    Your configuration will not be removed and all settings will be saved throughout the process

Does the DayCron report in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > DayCron Report impact Titanium Blizzard?
No. The Daycron Report is a separate report that shows deliverables expected to print tomorrow. This report is sent from BriteCore and is neither sent nor retrieved from Titanium Blizzard.

More Information

Batch Printing Functionality

General Information

  • See PR 3870, PR 4270 and PR 4313
  • Each night a new process called create_mailings runs additional processing on the set of documents to be printed. This process runs get_to_be_printed, indexes each document, and sends each individual's set of policy documents to the newly created PaperPusher service for merging. Learn more about PaperPusher
    • The integration with PaperPusher is configured like a vendor in vendors.title='PaperPusher'. It is enabled for all sites but does not appear on the interface. Also, it is only referenced if the merge_docs_by_recipient_and_pol setting is set to 1. Finally, configuration changes can be done manually by modifying vendors.customData, but generally changes will be managed through code
  • All individual deliverables of the merged document, including forms and merge order, are recorded in the composite_file_components database table
  • The code is in lib/core/uploads and classifiers are defined in get_batch_classifiers

Configuration Information

In the configuration, classifiers may be called or not (e.g. certified_mail and certified_mail() are both valid). The, processing will implicitly ensure any classifier that is not actually called gets called.

Testing Configuration

Within the settings section of the shell is a tool called try_print_batching_conditions, which catches any conditions that cannot be evaluated. See the tesing steps in PR 4313 for step-by-step instructions.

Helpful Query

SELECT, files.title, IFNULL(x_files.printState, files.printState) componentPrintState, order FROM composite_file_components JOIN files ON = composite_file_components.componentFileId LEFT JOIN x_files ON = composite_file_components.componentXFileId WHERE composite_file_components.compositeFileId = 'UUID' ORDER BY composite_file_components.order

Titanium Blizzard Functionality


Automatic print jobs are the primary function of Titanium Blizzard. Titanium Blizzard will print documents as they become available from the BriteCore server, which is accomplished by sending a small web request every five (5) minutes.

Titanium Blizzard receives a status from BriteCore to know whether or not the nightly cron processing has finished. If it has not, Titanium Blizzard won’t print and will keep polling until it receives the all-clear to print.

Once an automatic print job has been printed, another will not fire until the next day. This is to prevent auto-jobs from firing throughout the day as documents are generated by the system.

Titanium Blizzard Manual Prints

Manual print jobs can be initiated by the user at any time and will print identically to automatic print jobs with two small exceptions:

  • The Print Hawk emails will not be sent. To send them, see the above instructions. Also, the email that Titanium Blizzard sends to the BriteCore team will note that the print job was manual
  • The below options are available with a manual print job. Changing these options will result in different printing behavior than the daily automatic job. These options exist to handle more advanced printing requirements
    • Date range selectors
    • Policy number filter
    • Re-print checkbox (Include marked as printed)

Technical Information

  • Since Titanium Blizzard is a Microsoft ClickOnce application, it runs in the user space with no administrative rights required. This means the application is highly portable and non-invasive
  • Specifications
Type of Deployment ClickOnce
Language C#
NET Version 4.5
Windowing Library WPF
Minimum Windows Version Windows 7, Windows Server 2008
Minimum Processor 1 Ghz, 32-bit, Intel-x86-Compatible Processor*
Minimum RAM 1 GB*
Minimum Screen Resolution 1024x768
Printers Supported Any Windows printer via direct connection or a network interface**
*Rough requirements. Actual performance will vary by machine or virtual machine host
**If you can manually print to the printer through Windows and the document comes out the way you intended without needing to select print dialog options, it should work with Titanium Blizzard. We do not guarantee compatibility with all printers. Testing the connection is essential

Outside the Scope of IWS Support

Some issues are outside IWS's control and will need to be resolved with your IT team, including

  • Printer drivers
  • Windows printer configuration. IWS can help set up working Windows printer drivers inside of Titanium Blizzard. However, the printer driver must already be installed and working in the Windows environment to setup Titanium Blizzard successfully
  • Network / Internet issues
  • Antivirus and Firewall issues
  • General computer problems. If Titanium Blizzard works on one computer but not another, IWS may not be able to troubleshoot the issue. Either move Titanium Blizzard to another machine or contact your IT vendor to repair the computer in question
  • Windows Domain configuration


The code is stored in the Titanium-Blizzard repo. You must have a login to access this repo, which is for IWS and client engineers.


Report unclear or missing documentation.