Primoris is electronic payment processing for the insurance industry.

Primoris allows for a collection fee with each payment. These fees are not stored within BriteCore, but the Secure Checkout screen will inform users of the fee. For credit cards, the fee will appear after the payment amount and the credit card number are entered because the fee can be defined by payment amount and credit card type. For ACH payments, the fee will appear immediately.

Vendor Contact

Angela Abbot
National Director of Sales
817.431.2929 (P) | 817.526.0740 (C)

Tim Cunningham
VP of Operations | Technical Contact

Getting Started

  1. Contact Angela
  2. Complete paperwork
  3. Primoris will provide
    • Test Public Key
    • Test Private Key
    • Live Public Key
    • Live Private Key
    • A client login (you) and an IWS login to Primoris’ payment portal
  4. Provide all keys and logins to IWS
  5. Determine, with Primoris, if you will charge fees with credit card transactions
  6. Receive training from Primoris on using their portal
  7. Familiarize yourself with BriteCore payment processing

BriteCore Setup

  1. Primoris must use v2 of BriteCore's payment logic. For those with database access, run
    #UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option='use-v2'
  2. Navigate to Settings > Vendors
  3. Scroll to the Payment Processing section
  4. Select Primoris
  5. Click the pencil
  6. Enter the test public and private keys
    Primoris requires the cvv2 number so the setting does not appear

Contact IWS to Process a Test Payment

  1. Ensure above steps are complete
  2. In the client's shell, set live=1 in the britecore.cfg file
  3. Run sudo supervisorctl restart all
  4. Test a credit card payment
    • Reference the table below
    • Start the street address with 123 then follow it by anything, e.g., 123 main
    • Use a future date for the expiration date
  5. Test an ACH payment
  6. Set live=2 in the britecore.cfg file
  7. Run sudo supervisorctl restart all
Card type Card # CVV/CVC Street address Zip
Visa 4012301230123010 123 123 55555
Mastercard 5123012301230120 123 123 55555
AmEx 349999999999991 1234 123 55555
Discover 6011011231231235 123 123 55555

BriteCore Processing


  • Electronic payments enter the system via sweep payments or the secureCheckout screen. See Electronic Payments for process information
  • Commissions are paid electronically at the end of the month. See Commissions for process information
  • If an error occurs, you will generally see the message Payment Processor Response followed by the reason for the error; for example, Payment Processor Response: Address/zip not matched

Potential Errors

The following are general errors from Primoris that could occur when applying payments.

Vendor Connection Error: 418 Client Error
This can occur if the insured has invalid characters in his/her name (#, &, ;) that conflict with Primoris's verification service. Attempt the payment again without using special characters in the payor's name.

Vendor Connection Error: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error
This can indicate an unknown error occurred when Primoris attempted to process the transaction.

Address/Zip Not Matched
This is an Address Verification System (AVS) error and means the address or zip code entered did not match the card issuer's records. Attempt the payment again with the address that is on file with the card issuer.

This Transaction Has Been Declined: Ask Timed Out on [Actor[akka://application/user/$b#-XYZ]] After [10000 ms]
This error has been addressed with Primoris's version 2 payment code. Contact Primoris and IWS, via a ticket, to confirm you are on version 2 of the payment code.


Switch to Primoris from Another Vendor

If you are already live on BriteCore with another payment vendor and want to switch to Primoris, submit an OOPS! ticket to IWS:

  • IWS will provide a list of all agencies with sweep accounts, if applicable, and a list of all policies on auto-pay
  • As a result of the switch, you must re-enter all accounts manually once the switch is made. This is because the payment accounts are stored with the vendor and not BriteCore
  • Indicate on which date you would like to switch to Primoris
  • After hours, IWS will enable the Primoris vendor and enter the payment keys provided to you by Primoris and set settings(payments][use-v2]=1
  • Once complete, re-enter all applicable payment methods

Charge Fees on Credit Card Transactions

Charging fees on credit card transactions is arranged with Primoris. BriteCore neither stores nor references the fees. Given this, you will receive a separate report from Primoris on fees charged and collected.


A payment settled and money was exchanged, how do I issue a refund?

  1. Contact Primoris to issue a refund
  2. Delete the payment in BriteCore

How do I associate the policy number to the payment?
You can find the BriteCore policy number on the BriteCore Electronic Payments Report or Payments Received reports.

Does the collection fee show on the BriteCore receipt?
Not presently.

More Information

  • This is a new vendor (late 2015) so troubleshooting documentation is in it's infancy
  • Logging added in PR 3853
  • Checking transactions
    • See the IWS only section below
  • Proxy server
    • At one time Primoris required certain transactions to come from a static, whitelisted IP. As of January 2016, this was no longer the case. See PR 3747 for more information
  • Primoris' online API documentation


Report unclear or missing documentation.