Plum Voice powers interactive voice response (IVR), call routing, messaging, and voice communications for customers. With BriteCore, payors can check account balances and apply credit card or ACH payments toward policies by calling a specific telephone number.

Vendor Contact

Contact Plum Voice.

Getting Started

  1. Integrate with a payment vendor
  2. Contact Plum Voice
  3. Complete any necessary paperwork
  4. Setup a Plum Voice account
  5. Retrieve a dedicated phone number insureds will call to make a payment

BriteCore Setup

Vendor Configuration

  1. Configure a Plum Voice application to reach for BriteCore's IVR entrypoint when an incoming phone call is detected, such as https://sitename.britecorepro.com/serve/plumvoice_ph
  2. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > Payment by Phone
  3. Check the box
  4. Click the pencil
  5. Add an arbitrary PlumVoice AUTH Token. The token is not provided by Plum Voice and can be anything
  6. Add the Redirect phone number
  7. Add a Custom welcome message
  8. Add a Custom goodbye message
  9. Upload custom audio files, if desired


  1. Navigate to Settings > Deliverables
  2. Locate the applicable billing statements
  3. Click the pencil
  4. Add wording and the established phone number to the billing statement that directs insureds to access their account information and pay their bill

BriteCore Processing

  • Insured receives an invoice directing him/her to pay by phone
  • Insured calls the provided phone number and follows the prompts
  • If payment is made and successful, the payment will appear on the policy's Accounts Receivable tab and process through the payment vendor. Also, a receipt will appear in the Attachments tab of the policy


Can the insured pay more than the payoff amount of the term?

More Information

  • See PR 4310 for the original integration and PR 4511 for enhancements
  • See PR 4539 for the addition of custom audio support
  • See PR 6489 for new policy search that includes alphabetics and numerals
  • See PR 5736 for integration with eDatabase


Report unclear or missing documentation.