BriteCore Setup


Preliminary Underwriting Questions

These questions are preliminary underwriting questions and, as such, apply regardless of line of business:

  1. Navigate to Lines > Underwriting > Questions
  2. Type a question. Each question has a yes and no radio button
  3. In the Explain column, selecting If Yes displays a text input field into which the agent must type an explanation

Important notes

  • Answers to preliminary underwriting questions are saved automatically
  • If an agent answers If Yes but fails to type an explanation, BriteCore will not allow the agent to submit the application
  • No other enforcements accompany these questions. As such, many carriers elect to add phrasing like If yes, stop quoting to each question
  • Examples
    • During the last 5 years, has any applicant had a foreclosure, repossession, or bankruptcy?
    • During the last 5 years, has any applicant been indicted for or convicted of any degree of the crime of fraud, bribery, or arson?
    • Has this insurance been rejected, cancelled, or non-renewed in the past 3 years?

Underwriting Questionnaire by Line of Business

Each line of business may have its own set of underwriting questions. Learn more about supplemental questions and underwriting questionnaires.

Other Policy Type Settings

Review the Text inputs and Checkboxes sections of the Lines > Lines and Policy Types how-to.


Complete the setup for agent and/or agency contacts and setup for sweep accounts.


System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Policies

Application Submitted from BriteQuote

The below email is sent when an application has been submitted by an agent from the Agent Portal. Attached to the email as a PDF will be the Policy Application:

Submitted Application - 10-2017-1 - [primary named insured]
This application has just been submitted bound/unbound.
View Policy #10-2017-1
Submitted by Agent [agent name] - [agent email]

The Agent Submission Email Body setting allows clients to customize the body of the email.

View policy #10-2017-1
Submitted by Agent [agent name] - [agent email]

Customized emails will no longer automatically notate whether the application was submitted bound or unbound.

To enable this setting, contact IWS via a ticket and provide the desired customized text for the email.

IWS Only

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  2. Search agentsubmissionemailbody
  3. Input the client's customized body text into the textbox

Policy Change Submitted from BriteQuote

The below email is sent when an agent submits an endorsement request from the Agent Portal. The agent copy of the email is the same as the staff copy:

Submitted Change - 10-2017-1 - [primary named insured]
This change has just been submitted.
View Policy #10-2017-1
Submitted by Agent [agent name] - [agent email]

Attachment(s) or Photo(s) Uploaded to Submitted Application

The below email is sent when an agent uploads an attachment or photo to a submitted application in the Agent Portal:

Application Attachments/Photos for 10-2016-1
Attachments/Photos have been added to application #10-2016-1

"Direct Application Activity To" Setting in Contacts Overrides Admin Email List

This setting applies only if the Direct Application Activity to Specified Email Addresses setting is enabled for agencies in the Contacts module:

  • When this setting is checked, new business activity for an agency is directed to the recipients of the Direct Application Activity to Specified Email Addresses setting only
  • When this setting is unchecked, new business activity for an agency is directed to the recipients of both the Direct Application Activity to Specified Email Addresses setting and the following Administrative Alerts
    • Application submitted from BriteQuote
    • Policy Change submitted from BriteQuote
    • Attachment(s) or Photo(s) Uploaded to Submitted Application

Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Processing

Alert Agent if a Duplicate Payment has been Denied

An email like below is sent to the agent if a payment of the same amount is made on the same policy within a two day window:

A duplicate payment was denied.
A duplicate payment was made on MM/DD/YYYY at 12:00AM for policy #10-2016-1 in the amount of $100.00.

Receive Copy of Deliverable Emails Sent to Agents

Sends an exact copy of emails sent to agents.

It is recommended you establish a separate email address (or filter in your current email) for this alert given the volume of emails that will be generated.

Modules > Contacts > Contact Pop-Up > BriteQuote

When a new contact is added to BriteCore by an agent, the agent receives a pop-up where he/she enters information about the person. Check whether you want to enforce the SSN, date of birth, or phone number when agents add new people to BriteCore.

Modules > Policies > Processing

Make Print Application Button Visible or Invisible

In the current quoting screen, the Print Application button allows an agent to view the policy application prior to submitting the application. The button can be set to visible or invisible, but it is visible by default.

When the button is visible, you can print the application or submit it.

When the button is invisible, the only option is to submit the application. After clicking Submit Application the agent will still be able to access the application document.

To change the print application button in policies to visible or invisible on legacy quoting screens, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Administrative Portal
  2. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies > Processing > Print Application Button Visible
  3. Select Visible or Invisible
  4. Click Save

Modules > Policies > Policy Lifecycle > Billing and Non-Pay

Complete the billing and non-pay setup, focusing on the below settings:

  • Print Initial Invoice Irrespective of Amount Due
  • Limit Availability To
  • Display Options
  • Disallow external payments (agent sweeps and electronic gateway) against policies in Cancellation Pending for Non-Pay or Underwriting reasons

Modules > BriteQuote > Payment

Select the amount of down payment, if any, you would like to collect with application submission. If payment is required, it must come from an electronic payment method (CC or ACH). For that reason, you must integrate with a payment vendor like Primoris or

Payment pulls from the electronic payment method when the application is submitted.


  • Allow manual payment override for initial down payment. (Reason required for submission), when checked, allows enforcement of a payment with application submission where the payment can be a physical check rather than an electronic payment method. The main case for this setting is when an agency does not have a sweep account and the insured provides a physical check
  • Allow the insured to pay more than the initial downpayment on submission, when checked, allows insured to pay more than the amount designated down payment requirement. The main case for this setting is when the insured requests an installment plan and would like to pay the first two installments, which is often the case with a monthly billing schedule
  • Do not require an initial down payment if application is submitted unbound, when checked, overrides the payment requirement when the application is submitted unbound. Though payment is not required, it may still be submitted with the application. However, payment will not pull with application submission
  • Do not require an initial down payment when a policy is mortgagee billed, when checked, overrides the payment requirement when the initial, rather than recurring, bill whom is the mortgagee


  • Link to a form for the Agent/Insured to fill out in order to enroll in automated payments allows you to link your Direct Debit Letter of the Billing tab during the quoting process. In this way, agents may access, complete and submit the document with application. Learn more about the Direct Debit Letter

Modules > BriteQuote > Binding Authority

Allow Bound Applications

When checked, this setting allows for the submission of bound applications. If unchecked, all applications will be submitted unbound.

Default Applications to Bound

If bound applications are allowed and an application may be submitted bound, this setting saves the agent a click by automatically checking the Submit Bound checkbox during the quoting process.

Do Not Allow Applications to be Written/Submitted with an Effective Date More than X Days in the Past/Future

Select the number of days from each dropdown to determine how many days in the past and/or future application's effective date can be set.

Important notes

  • For both settings, the code uses inclusive logic. If you restrict quotes to 15 days in the past, BriteCore will disallow quotes 15 days or older from being quoted
  • Any unsubmitted quotes or applications with effective dates outside the defined range will automatically be set today’s date when a quote or application is accessed. Once the application is submitted, the setting restriction no longer applies
  • When an agent accesses an already-started quote or application, or enters an effective date outside the defined range on a new quote, he/she will receive a popup that reads

The entered effective date is more than the allowed X days in the past/future. Please note that the effective date has been reset to today.

Modules > BriteQuote > Options

Remove "No Answer Provided" from Application

The underwriting questionnaire can appear on the policy application. When an application question is unanswered, the policy application deliverable can either be blank or show No Answer Provided after the question. BriteCore's default behavior is to show No Answer Provided. This setting, when checked, removes that wording. The main case for this setting is for agents who work in areas with poor internet connection. In this way, the agent can print the policy application and answer the underwriting questionnaire by hand.

Learn more about supplemental questions and underwriting questionnaires and the policy application deliverable.

Allow Custom Term Lengths in BriteQuote

Allows for terms less than 1 year.

Allow Electronic Submissions of BriteQuote Applications

Allows applications to be submitted electronically. Otherwise, applications must be printed and mailed with payment.

Do Not Name Property by Address

Check this setting.

Only Allow E2Value Lookup on Applications

When checked, this setting hides the e2value link on quotes thereby restricting them to applications only.

Only Display Printed Deliverables in Policies and Claims 'Documents' Page

When checked, BriteCore displays only deliverables with a printed print state. Agents will be unable to see deliverables of any other print state.

Learn more about deliverables.

Show the "Underwriting Contact" Section Underneath Underwriting Questions

See the preliminary underwriting questions section above. This setting extends the functionality of the questions. When checked, BriteCore displays a Has Underwriting been contacted? dropdown. When Yes is selected, Contact Date and Approved By fields appear. The Approved By field populates with staff who have the Underwriter role. As such, add the role of Underwriter to applicable staff contacts in BriteCore:

  • When the fields are completed by an agent, a note is written on the policy and the underwriter and date appear below the underwriting questions on the policy application
  • A custom message, with HTML tag support, may also appear above the underwriting questions via the Custom Underwriting Message to display above Underwriting Questions setting. For example,
    • Please call an underwriter for approval if answering "Yes" to any of the below questions
  • Learn more about contact roles

Modules > BriteQuote > Terms

Explicitly define the available terms for quoting.

Modules > BriteQuote > Agent Dashboard Text

Display custom text and images on the Agent Portal dashboard, which is the first screen agents see after logging in. The text can display any messages to agents. Most carriers provide links to documentation and important news.

Getting Started

  1. Either open two browsers (e.g., Firefox and Chrome) or open an incognito window in the same browser
  2. In one window (W1), navigate to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Agent Dashboard Text in the Administrative Portal
  3. In the other window (W2), login as an agent
  4. As you make changes to the dashboard text in W1, click Save
  5. In W2, refresh the screen. This procedure allows you to immediately see the effects of your changes to this setting

  1. Navigate to Lines > Attachments
  2. Click New Folder
  3. Label the folder Logos
  4. Upload a high-quality logo image
  5. Once uploaded, click on the file
  6. Copy the URL of the image
  7. Use the below syntax as an example in the Agent Dashboard Text section. Paste the URL into the img scr and update the other parameters as desired

[div style="text-align: center;"] [a href=" "] [img src=" " style="width: 200px; padding: 20px 0px;"] [/a] [/div]


Headers can be of any size and text:

  • <h3>TRAINING VIDEOS</h3>
  • <h3>Important updates</h3>

Section Divider

Use <hr/> to add a horizontal line between sections.


  • Use <ul></ul> (unordered list) or <ol></ol> (ordered list) with <li></li> (line item) to create a list

[ul] [li] Endorsements: Once you complete your endorsement, please type the changes you made in the 'Additional Description' box. This will help process the endorsement more quickly. For additional information, please see the picture and 'Endorsement on In-Force Policies' video below. [/li] [li] Minimum Payment: The minimum required payment with application is the first installment of the chosen billing schedule if Insured billed. New Business applications that are escrow/mortgagee-billed do not require a minimum payment. [/li] [/ul]

  • Use<p></p> (paragraph) and <b></b> (bold) tags to communicate your message
    <p>Gift cards are available to agencies surpassing the production goals!</p>
  • Use style="color:red" to add color to text
    <h3 style="color:red">Quoting suspended due to hurricane</h3>
  • To open in the same window use <a href="this is your link">This is what the user sees</a>
  • To open in a new window use <a href="this is your link" target="_blank">This is what the user sees</a>

Database Only


This setting concerns the auto-suggestion of contacts during the quoting process. By default, BriteCore supports the following three cases:

  • Case 1 When agencies are attached to policies and a user logs in as an agency then all contacts associated with the agency will be auto-suggested
  • Case 2 When agents are attached to policies and a user logs in as an agent then all contacts associated with the agent will be auto-suggested
  • Case 3 When agencies are attached to policies and a user logs in as an agent then all contacts associated with the agent only will be auto-suggested

When enabled, the setting enhances case 3 whereby all contacts associated with the agent's agency will be auto-suggested. To enable, run

#UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option = 'allow-agents-to-view-agency-contacts'

Submitted Applications Report

A report is available that displays policy number, policy type, agency, agency number, effective date, and date submitted. To enable, run

#UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option='submitted-applications-report'

Risk Default Naming

This setting is not intended for mid-stream implementations.

The risk_default_naming setting allows the client to choose whether new properties default to Location or Property. To enable the risk_default_naming setting, complete the following steps:

  1. Contact IWS
  2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > Policies > risk_default_naming
  3. Select Property or Location


  1. Complete the Quote Summary
  2. Complete the Policy Application
  3. If bound applications are allowed, add the Binding Statement


Using BriteQuote

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vendors
  2. Scroll to the Quoting section
  3. Select BriteQuote

Credit Scoring by Policy Type

  1. Integrate with LexisNexis or ISO
  2. Complete the vendor setup
  3. Navigate to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Options
  4. Check Restrict credit scoring to select Policy Types
  5. Navigate to Lines > Effective Date
  6. Click the pencil next to the applicable policy type
  7. Check Require a credit score for this policy type? for each applicable policy type

Important notes

  • With this feature, the process for retrieving credit scores in BriteQuote is slightly different. Rather than an agent clicking Get Credit Score on the Insureds tab, the credit score will automatically pull when the policy type is selected on the Policy tab. As a result, agents will no longer see the Get Credit Score button on the Insureds tab
  • With this feature, a credit score pulls for the primary named insured only. If the credit scores of all named insured's are desired, the agent must navigate back to the Insureds tab and click Get Credit Score for each additional insured
  • For an agent to view the credit score information, he/she must refresh the screen


Ensure any applicable vendor integrations are complete, such as property valuation and risk assessment.

BriteCore Processing


Click on the image below to open in a new window. Access the raw file here.


View Unsubmitted and Rejected Applications
Default a Policy Application to Printed
Assign Agent Passwords for the First Time
Prepare Agents for Quoting
Troubleshoot an Agent Issue
Temporarily Suspend Quoting

View Unsubmitted and Rejected Applications

View unsubmitted and rejected applications in the Policies module by performing a search using the applicable checkboxes.

To research unsubmitted and rejected applications, create a custom Unwritten Applications BriteData report.

Default a Policy Application to Printed

By default, the Policy Application is set to to be determined, which can be amended to printed via a database setting. The purpose of defaulting the Policy Application to printed is so agents can access the application in the Attachments tab of a policy when the Only display printed deliverables in Policies and Claims 'Documents' page BriteQuote setting is enabled in Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Options:

  1. If you do not have database access, submit a ticket to IWS
  2. Run this update statement
    #UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option='suppress-policy-application-print'

Assign Agent Passwords for the First Time

There are a few methods for assigning logins to agents.

Conversion Method

Convert agents' usernames and passwords into BriteCore.

Manual Method for Staff

Manually type the agents' usernames and passwords into BriteCore, whether those are the current credentials or new credentials for BriteCore.

Agent Method

This is a hybrid of the two above methods. Convert or manually enter the username and email address for each agent. Once your site is live, agents use the Can't Remember function to receive a temporary password then assign him/herself a new password within BriteCore.

Prepare Agents for Quoting

The below statements are written as directions to agents.


  • The most supported browsers are FireFox and Chrome, which are free. If you must use Internet Explorer, please download the most up-to-date version, if possible
  • Deactivate the browser’s popup blockers in order to view Declarations and other deliverables
  • Browsers store information (cache and cookies) about web pages so they load more quickly. If you experience navigation issues, you may need to clear the stored information. A shortcut to clearing the cache or cookies on a Windows computer is to press the Control and Shift and Delete buttons at the same time

Accessing BriteCore

  1. Go to Note the web address does not use www
  2. Once you access BriteCore, bookmark the web page for easy access or drag the icon to your desktop to create a shortcut

Logging in for the First Time

  1. Once you have accessed, you will see a Can’t Remember link
  2. Within the popup, enter your email address that is on file with the carrier. A temporary password will be emailed to that address
  3. With the temporary password, login to
  4. Update your password in the Settings module located in the top-right section of the screen

Email Communication

  • You will receive documents electronically from the BriteCore system. All emails originate from Please add this email address to your contact list
  • To more efficiently manage incoming emails, set up a filter for emails originating from
  • When you receive an email from please do not reply as no person actively monitors responses. Rather, email the carrier directly
  • You will typically receive an email every day. Each email will contain information as to its purpose along with a link. When clicked the link will direct you to the specific policy or document within BriteCore. After clicking the link you may need to log in to BriteCore to view the policy or document
  • You should receive at least three types of emails: a list of documents issued that day, overdue invoices, and monthly commission statements

Training Materials

Once you login to, training materials will appear in the center of the screen. Click on each link to view the training video or document.

Security Tips

BriteCore has elaborate security measures in place; you can further protect your data by

  • Investing in anti-virus or anti-spyware software that detects viruses
  • Avoiding files with EXE extensions from unsecured websites
  • Logging out of programs you are not longer using
  • Ensuring a site’s URL contains https:// instead of http:// when entering personal information

Internet Connection

For optimum results, use DSL or Cable internet to connect to BriteCore.


I expected to receive emails but did not?

  1. Check your email SPAM folder
  2. Add to your email contact list
  3. Check with your email provider to ensure is whitelisted

How do I add/remove/change my email address(es)?
Contact the carrier directly.

Troubleshoot an Agent Issue

Agent Cannot Access BriteCore

Ensure the agent is using the correct URL, which will not have www:

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

BriteCore Seems Slow or Unresponsive

  1. Verify that your agents are using a supported browser type and that browser's most updated version. Supported browsers include FireFox and Internet Explorer
  2. Verify that the agent's internet speed and connection is appropriate
  3. Ask agent to refresh the screen
  4. Ask agent to clear the browser's cache. If you are unsure how to do that, perform an internet search

Agent Cannot Access Documents

Ask agents to deactivate pop-up blockers on his/her browser. If you are unsure how to do that, perform an internet search.

Temporarily Suspend Quoting


  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > BriteQuote Suspensions
  2. Click Setup BriteQuote Suspensions
  3. Complete the form
    • Suspension of Binding Authority and Suspension of Application Submission can be applied to the entire agency force with one suspension
    • Suspension of Quoting can be applied to one agency at a time or by policy type. To suspend quoting for the entire agency force, navigate to Lines > most recent Effective Date > Policy Type. Uncheck Open to Quoting, which will remove the policy type from quoting for the entire agency force until Open to Quoting is rechecked
  4. Click Save Suspension


  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > BriteQuote Suspensions
  2. Click Setup BriteQuote Suspensions
  3. Locate the suspension in question
  4. Click Edit


  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > BriteQuote Suspensions
  2. Click Setup BriteQuote Suspensions
  3. Locate the suspension in question
  4. Click Remove
    To retain a history of suspensions, consider altering the date of an in-force suspension rather than deleting it


How do I remove an unwanted quote or application from BriteCore?

  • To retain data for future use, set the policy status to rejected
  • To delete the data permanently
    1. Verify this is the correct action as the data cannot be retrieved once deleted
    2. Access the policy in the Policies search using # followed by the policy number (i.e., #10-2017-1)
    3. Click the X

If an agent writes business for more than one agency, how does the carrier know to which agency the application belongs?
In this case, when an agent begins a quote he/she selects the agency.

Can an agent print the breakdown of a billing schedule during the quoting process?
Yes. During the application process, agents may print the schedule of payments by clicking Print Schedule within the View Schedule popup of the Billing tab. For optimal formatting, agents should ensure the Background Graphics option is selected when printing; otherwise the table and header titles will not print.


Report unclear or missing documentation.