Positive Commissions

Navigate to Policies > Payments > Pending Commission Payments.

Commission Payment Queue

Click the radio button according to how you process commissions, via ACH or Manually.


  1. Click Process Commission Payments
  2. See QuickBooks BriteCore Processing for the next steps

StoneRiver or Microsoft Dynamics

  1. Click Clear Commission Queue
  2. See StoneRiver BriteCore Processing or Microsoft Dynamics BriteCore Processing for the next steps


  1. Click Clear Commission Queue
  2. Process commissions manually in your general ledger

Manual Commissions Adjustments

  1. Finish processing commissions then return to this section
  2. If you received an agency payment against a negative balance, see how to Enter Manual Adjustments

Agent Commission Reports

  1. Click Email Reports
  2. Click the magnifying glass to view a report

Commission reports generate even when the commission is $0.00. As such you will see reports for each agency in BriteCore. In addition, the $0.00 reports will be emailed when clicking Email Reports.

Negative Commissions

If applicable, issue Negative Commission Statements. See the Issue Negative Commission Statements how-to.



BriteCore auto-runs some stock and identified BriteData reports at the month's end. To view the reports, go to the Reports > Attachments > Month-End Reports folder for the respective month. Also, any user emails identified on the Month-End XLS Reports administrative alert in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts will receive a Report Runner Results email like below. Learn more about reporting.

Balance to Bank Statement

Use the Cash Balance report.

Report Paid Premium and Fees

Use the Accounting Detail report.

Analyze by What Payment Method Payments Are Received

Use the Payments Received report.

Calculate Written Premium

Using the Accounting Detail, add the following columns together and compare them to the Premium Written, Earned, and Unearned report for the same period:

  • Change In Paid Premium
  • Change In Premium In Course Of Collection
  • Change In Deferred Premium
  • Change In Premium WriteOff


Applies only if using ISO, HSB, MBRe or InsVista vendors:

  1. Navigate to Policies > Processing
  2. See ISO BriteCore Processing: APLUS, HSB BriteCore Processing, or MBRe BriteCore Processing
  3. As with daily processing, send your InsVista files


What if a report is missing from the Month-End folder or shows False in the Report Runner Results email?

  1. Rerun the report from the Reports module
  2. If the report fails again, submit an OOPS ticket to IWS with the reason for failure. The reason should appear in the report email


Report unclear or missing documentation.