MassPrinting is a leading provider of document output solutions to the insurance industry. MassPrinting works closely with your internal team to provide a personalized outsource solution for the printing and mailing of your policyholder communications. This leads to increased internal efficiencies and cost savings for your company.

Vendor Contact

Bill Crowley
VP Sales
781.518.3032 (P)

Drew Stadterman
Project Manager
781-518-9037 (P)

Getting Started

  1. Contact Bill
  2. Mass Printing will provide an overview of the intregration process, develop a cost savings template, and discuss a pricing schedule. See also MassPrinting's process overview document
  3. Review and sign a contract and SOW
  4. MassPrinting must integrate with BriteCore's printing API. Provide and grant access to BriteCore's Printing API document

BriteCore Setup

Initial Step

MassPrinting will need an API key. Submit a ticket to IWS to generate an API key.

With an API key, MassPrinting will have access to all API functions that appear on the api.britecore.com site. Your written agreement should indicate MassPrinting will handle your data in a secure way and only with your permission. Also, the agreement should specify that MassPrinting will only use API calls that you approve during the development phase, which are those listed in the Printing API document.


In conjunction with the Printing API document, MassPrinting should notate the following during implementation and the initial phase of testing:

  • Within BriteCore, printing occurs after your Cron finishes processing. The Cron does not complete at the same time each evening. As such, the MassPrinting should retrieve the documents when {"processing": "done"} is true within the getToBePrinted API call. Otherwise, the vendor might attempt to retrieve documents while BriteCore is still generating them
  • When testing getToBePrinted, the result will most likely be empty. An empty result will be due to timing. Printing occurs automatically overnight and, as a result, deliverables update to a state of printed. This means when the test is run, all deliverables will have printed for the day. To continue testing, then, a manageable set of results is needed. A manageable set of results can be returned by
    • Passing the ignore_state parameter a value of true. This ignores the fact that the deliverables printed
    • Scanning for one date rather than a full year. Scanning an entire year while ignoring the print state of deliverables would result in too many results


  1. In the testing phase, ensure there are stock and custom deliverables scheduled to print
  2. In Titanium Blizzard, turn Automatic Print to off
  3. Wait to manually print deliverables from Titanium Blizzard
  4. MassPrinting should remove ignore_state from their API call, thereby scanning back a full year to pick up all unprinted deliverables
  5. Deliverables should be retrieved when {"processing": "done"} is true
  6. MassPrinting will print the deliverables
  7. You, the client, should manually print deliverables from Titanium Blizzard. Since you used Titanium Blizzard to print, it will update the deliverables to printed. As such, the vendor does not need to call markAsPrinted during this test
  8. Compare the two print jobs


Stop using Titanium Blizzard. See the Stop Using Titanium Blizzard how-to for instructions.

BriteCore Processing

Documents scheduled to print will be printed by MassPrinting.


Will I still receive the daily print report (Print Hawk)?
Yes. The vendor will need to make a final API call to send the report:

curl -d '{"api_key": "YOUR_API_KEY", "date": "2016-08-31"}'

What if the vendor experiences an issue and cannot print the documents?
Manually print the documents from your office:

  1. Open Titanium Blizzard
  2. Click Retrieve
  3. Select the documents to print
  4. Click Print
    Do not turn on auto-print


Report unclear or missing documentation.