BriteCore accepts manual payments (check, cash, money order) on the Daily Cash Receipt page located in Policies > Payments > Daily Cash Receipt.

Preliminary Work

Manual Payments

There are no prerequisites for accepting manual payments. However, if you use a check scanning device or want to upload a receivable file to BriteCore, the file must agree with the BBT vendor integration unless a separate integration is funded.

Core concepts

Assume Payment Is Valid

When a payment is entered, BriteCore assumes the payment is valid and applies it immediately to the policy:

  • A receipt is added to each policy's Attachments tab
  • Future balances are updated to reflect the payment
  • Future invoices, if any, update to reflect the payment


Payments entered on the Daily Cash Receipt page are batched together, regardless of which staff member(s) enters the payment.

BriteCore Setup


Settings > Modules > Policies > Accounts Receivable

Default Date To

Manual payments (check, cash, money order) are entered on the Policies > Payments > Daily Cash Receipt page, which has a date of entry. This setting defines what date should appear in the date box.

Set this to Today's Date.

Settings > Modules > Policies > Policy Lifecycle > Payment > Renewals

Reference the For new business and renewals, automatically match the billing schedule to the amount of the payment setting in the Billing documentation.

Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts

Deposit Receipt Generated

The below email is sent when a user in the Administrative Portal clicks Print Deposit Receipt in Policies > Payments > Daily Cash Receipt. Attached to the email as a PDF will be a copy of the receipt.

BriteCore Administrative Alert: Daily Cash Receipt
Attached to this email is the daily cash receipt generated on MM/YY/YYYY at HH:MM AM

This is an automated message from the BriteCore system. If you believe you have received this message in error, please disregard this email.

BriteCore Processing

Manual Payment Workflow

Click on the image below to open in a new window. Access the raw file here.


How Do I Generate a New Daily Cash Receipt?

Generating a new receipt is limited to IWS staff. Please submit a support ticket with the date of receipt needed, and an IWS support staff will run bin/ YYYY-MM-DD.


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