Lexis Nexis's C.L.U.E. is a valuable information source for property and casualty underwriters. C.L.U.E. furnishes insurance companies' property and liability claims data, which is utilized in the evaluation of underwriting of property/casualty insurance.

The Lexis Nexis C.L.U.E. integration is comprised of two parts: contributing claim data and ordering reports. To order reports, you must contribute to LexisNexis's C.L.U.E. database.

Vendor Contact

No designated contact at this time.

Getting Started

  1. Contact Lexis Nexis
  2. IWS has a Third Party Processor Agreement with Lexis Nexis. This establishes a relationship between Lexis Nexis and IWS. BriteCore clients must complete client-specific documents provided by Lexis Nexis
    • Customer Side of the Insurance Information Third Party Processor Agreement Authorizing Third Party Processor Access document
    • Enterprise Implementation Questionnaire document
  3. Provide the completed documents to IWS, who will email them to GlobalAllianceGroup.Insurance@lexisnexis.com
  4. Once approved, Lexis Nexis will create an account and provide credentials to you
  5. Setup your lines of business in BriteCore. Determine whether you will use some type of claim's surcharge/credit
  6. Familiarize yourself with BriteCore system tags

BriteCore Setup

  1. In BriteCore, navigate to Settings > Vendors > Lexis Nexis CLUE
  2. Check the box
  3. Click the pencil
  4. Enter the account information
  5. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > System tags
  6. Select the LexisNexis BOP tag
  7. Select the Effective Date
  8. If applicable, check the BOP line of business to exclude BOP policies from being reported
  9. Select the LexisNexis CLUE tag
  10. Select the Effective Date
  11. Tag items
    Documentation needed!
  12. (IWS only) In the settings database table, ensure the option= lexisnexis_ignore_bop=1
  13. Once the setup phase is complete with LexisNexis and BriteCore, test files will be sent/requested to ensure proper setup, referred to as the User Acceptance Test Cycle

BriteCore Processing

Month End

  1. At the beginning of a new month, navigate to Policies > Processing > Lexis Nexis
  2. Click Generate Monthly Report
    • If claim data exists to be reported, a file will generate for the previous month. If there is no reportable data for the month, no file will generate
  3. Review the data by clicking on the report link. The data will appear in a text file and follows LexisNexis' specifications
  4. Click Send Monthly Report. When the file is successfully sent, the word Sent will appear after the file name. Files will remain in the queue indefinitely


Generate a File (IWS Only)

  • BriteCore shell > vendors > lexisnexis
    • lexisnexis_clue regenerates a monthly file. A date range parameter exists to generate historical contribution files
    • send_lexisnexis_clue sends an already-generated file to LexisNexis

More information

  • See lib/vendors/lexis_nexis/README.md and lib/vendors/lexis_nexis/clue_property/README.md
  • Information is delivered to a server. See PR 84 for more information


Report unclear or missing documentation.