NxTech was purchased by IVANS; however, there are places in code where NxTech is still referenced. Any reference to NxTech applies to IVANS.

IVANS is an interface for the exchange of insurance information between property and casualty insurers, agents, and trading partners. Using the ACORD Automation Level 3 (AL-3) standard, industry partners are able to electronically exchange information such as policy/submission information, claims, and accounting data.

Overnight, BriteCore completes an agency download via XML files if a qualifying transaction has occurred during the previous business day. If multiple transactions on a policy occur, all transactions will be sent. Once received, IVANS compiles the data into a concise and usable format that is disseminated to Agents and Agencies to be used for assistance in making sound insurance decisions.

Setup typically takes 6-8 months.

Qualifying Transactions

  • Agent/agency changed
  • Effective date changed
  • Mortgagee added
  • Mortgagee deleted
  • Policy canceled
  • Policy created
  • Policy expired
  • Policy reinstated
  • Policy renewed
  • Policy rewritten
  • Policy underwriting cancellation pending
  • Premium changed
  • Primary insured changed
  • Primary insured address changed
  • Property address changed
  • Renewal status changed to non-renew
  • Renewal status changed to renew

Transaction Codes

  • NBS - New Business
  • RWL - Renewal Business
  • REI - Reinstated
  • REW - Rewritten
  • XLC - Canceled or Expired
  • PCH - Policy Change

Vendor Contact

Contact IVANS.

Getting Started

  1. Contact IVANS
  2. Complete paperwork
  3. IVANS will provide
    • Username
    • Password
    • Host IP
    • Active FTP Mode (yes or no). The FTP active mode checkbox switches the FTP mode from passive to active when selected. Due to differences among company networks and firewalls, IWS will determine which FTP mode (active or passive) is appropriate for each client during implementation. By default, each client's FTP mode will be set to passive until IWS requires it to be active
    • Leader upload (yes or no)
    • Host port
    • FTP path
    • Remote script
  4. Build your lines of business
  5. Have an understanding of system tags

BriteCore Setup


Build your lines of business in BriteCore.

Settings > Vendors

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > IVANS Download
  2. Check the box
  3. Click the pencil
  4. Enter the account information provided by IVANS

Contacts (Agencies)

If you use the IVANS vendor and setup agency contacts to receive policy documents electronically, those agencies will receive double-notifications one day apart: one via email and the other via the agency download.

Complete the following steps to set up agency contacts:

  1. Setup your agencies and their user ID within IVANS' Linx Interface. The User ID is how IVANS directs data to the correct agency
  2. Setup your agencies within BriteCore
  3. Enter the agency/producer (user ID) number from Linx as the Agency Code in BriteCore for each agency

AL3 Codes

IVANS assists with the input of AL3 codes. IWS does not enter AL3 codes. To input AL3 codes,

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > System Tags
  2. Choose the NxTech AL3 Codes tag
  3. Select the effective date
  4. Add the tags

Daily Transaction Email

A Mutual Insurance - NxTech Daily Transaction Report email is sent daily. Attached to the email as a CSV is an exact replica of the information BriteCore sends to IVANS (pictured below). Add email recipients:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > Admin Alerts > Month-End XLS Reports
  2. Enter applicable email address(es)

Server Setup

There are two ways to integrate with IVANS:

  • Push method BriteCore pushes files directly to an IVANS server
  • Pull method Each BriteCore client has its own Amazon Web Services FTP server, hosted by IWS. BriteCore pushes files to this server then IVANS pulls the files from the server

Push Method (Contact IWS)

  1. BriteCore pushes XML files to https://dntransit.appliedonline.net
  2. Clients can login to the site via https://dntransit.appliedonline.net/EFTClient/Account/Login.htm
  3. To enable the vendor, run
    #UPDATE vendors SET checked=1 WHERE title='NxTech Download'
  4. Update the username and password values in the below update statement
  5. Run
    #UPDATE vendors SET customData='{\"username\": \"\", \"password\":   \"\", \"hostPort\": \"\", \"leaderUpload\": FALSE, \"hostPort\": \"\",   \"ftpPath\": \"\", \"activeFTP\": FALSE, \"remoteScript\": \"\",   \"httpTransfer\": TRUE}' WHERE title='NxTech Download'

Pull Method

This method is no longer used with new clients.

Each individual client requires a dedicated server instance on EC2. The instance will run continuously and requires the below information:

  • SSL certificate
  • Tomcat
  • Java
  • A PEM key that must be sent to IVANS so they can finalize configuration

Test Files

  1. Contact IWS to generate test files for each line of business and Transaction Code
  2. Generate files for each line of business and Transaction Code
    • The files can be created manually or generated from the britecore_shell.py under vendor > nxtech
  3. Send the completed files to IVANS for certification

BriteCore Processing

Each morning the daily file, which represents transactions from the day before, is moved to the input folder on the client server. The files are labeled something similar to britecore20150310.xml. After the file is placed there, a script for IVANS titled bc_launch.sh runs the XML file through the translation software for IVANS and ultimately into the output folder for the agency to pick up.


Add a Missing Transaction to Your Daily IVANS Report

  1. Navigate to your BriteCore dashboard
  2. Click Support Tools at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select Correct a NxTech Report
  4. Complete the form
    Enter the date of the file, not today's date
  5. The updated file will be picked up in the next nightly processing batch

Perform an Initial Load

There are a few circumstances when a carrier must send an initial load of policies for download to an agency. To send an initial load of policies for download to an agency,

  1. Navigate to the Administrative Portal Dashboard
  2. Click Support Tools
  3. Click NxTech Initial Load for Agent
  4. Complete the form
  5. The file will generate and be sent automatically the next day


My file generated but is missing transactions. How do I insert the missing transactions?
See the Add a missing transaction to your daily NxTech report how-to above.

How do I view what was sent to IVANS?
Login to the IVANS site.

What if a qualifying transaction was not sent?

  1. Submit a ticket to IWS
  2. Provide the policy number(s) and expected transaction code

What if the files were marked as uploaded in the database but not sent to IVANS?
Submit a ticket to IWS.

More Information


  • For more information on the push method setup of the server see t37683
  • For more information on the pull method setup of the server see t21716
  • Otherwise, consult DevOps


  • Integration refactored in PR 5129
  • Users can now add more than one policy to a missing file using the IVANs support tool in PR 5299
  • Added coverage for additional use cases in PR 4850
  • Updates made for commercial policies in PR 4331
    • Added total policy premium that included total premium + fees named PremiumWithFeesInvoiced
    • Included NY State Fire Fee as part of premium


  • Was a file uploaded successfully?
    1. Open a client’s database
    2. Open the Leader / Follower instance
    3. Run cd log
    4. View the agency_download.log logs
  • Viewing IVANS files
    1. Open a client’s database
    2. Go to the files table
    3. Set type = nxtech
  • The files were marked as uploaded in the database but not sent to IVANS
    1. Find files in the database in the files table
    2. Mark successfulUpload=0 so the Cron will pick up files tomorrow
  • If a few policies or transactions for a day were not downloaded, a manual file must be created
    • New process with PR 3961
      • Required information
        • Your IWS API key
          • Login to to the client’s britecore shell > contacts > generate_api_key using your IWS contacts.id
          • Copy your API key
        • Policy number(s)
        • Transaction code
        • IVANS file date
      • Input the values above into the below command and run it on the client’s site from /britecore
        • Input your data between the < > tags, so for "<your_key>" replace <your_key> with your actual API key to end up with “kdkdk1k23k12lk12kl1212kl”
        • Also {...}, {...} means you can add more values like policies using the key:value pair syntax, e.g., "policy_number": "<policy_number>"
        • Example
          curl -d '{"api_key": "
          <your_key>","data_list": [{"policy_number": "<policy_number>", "transaction_code": "<the_code>"}, {...}, {...}], "file_date": "<nxtech_file_date>"}' https://<your_site_url>/api/v2/utils/build_manual_nxtech_file</your_site_url></nxtech_file_date></the_code></policy_number></your_key>
      • If properly formatted, you should get the following response: {'data': [], 'messages': ['File written and inserted!'], 'success': True}
    • Process prior to PR 3961
      1. Notate the policy number
      2. Double-check that the qualifying transaction occurred. For example, for a RWL (Renewal) look in files.actualPrintDate of the Declaration. Remember that like InsVista, you’re always looking at yesterday’s business. That means a Declaration that prints on March 1 will appear in the March 2 IVANS file
      3. Using command line or CyberDuck for that vendor, go to BriteCore > Uploads > Vendors > Nxtech > find the appropriately dated file
      4. Drag the file to your Desktop
      5. Open the file using a text editor like TextWrangler
      6. ⌘F and search for the policy number. If the policy is not in the file, it means no transaction was sent
      7. Go to the policy in BriteCore
      8. Click Generate XML button
      9. Open the XML in a text editor like TextWrangler
      10. Within the file, you need to add some important XML tags
        • Add <BriteCore> opening tag to the beginning of the document right above the <Policy> tag
        • Add </BriteCore> closing tag to the end of the document right below the </Policy> tag
        • Locate the <TransCode> tag, which is the Transaction Code. Add the correct transaction code, encased by the <TransCode> tags <TransCode>RWL</TransCode>
          • If more policies are missing, add a space to the end of your file then copy/paste the xml from the new policy and add the additional tags
      11. Once all transactions are complete, save the file as britecoreYYYYMMDD + some identifier. Set the date to today and the identifier to something easily distinguishable from the standard file, for example, britecore20160501missing
      12. Return to CyberDuck
      13. Navigate to to BriteCore > Uploads > Vendors > NxTech
      14. Locate the appropriately dated file
      15. Drag and drop the new file into the NxTech folder
      16. Queue the file for download
      17. Open the client’s database
      18. Run this query, changing the date to today’s date, adding the [file] size, and the exact file name
        INSERT INTO files (id, referenceId, folderId, type, active, readOnly, dateAdded, isdir, isphoto, mimeType, size, title, label, url, uploadingToS3, vendorUpload, uploadToDocFinity, successfulUpload, printState, printDate, actualPrintDate, printLocation, sortReportsByDate, addedToZip, docFinityIndexing, emailOnly, emailed, receivedMetaData, private, subType)  
        (UUID(), NULL, NULL, 'agency_download', 1, 0, '2015-08-17 05:00:00', 0, 0, 'application/xml', 30713, 'britecore20150817missing.xml', NULL, 'uploads/vendors/nxtech/britecore20150817missing.xml', 0, NULL, 0, 0, 'do not print', NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, 0, NULL, 0, 0, 0, 0, NULL);
  • An entire day’s download is missing
    1. Open the client’s connection app
    2. Open the Leader instance
    3. Open the shell ./bin/britecore_shell.py
    4. Go to Vendors > NxTech
    5. Complete the prompts
      • Date Enter the date one day following the transaction. Recall that the files report yesterday’s business. As such, to report on a 3/1/16 transaction, enter 3/2/16
      • Attempt to Upload Enter N so files.successfulUpload is set 0 and the file will export with the evening’s Cron


Report unclear or missing documentation.