ISO's APLUS is a valuable information source for property and casualty underwriters. APLUS furnishes insurance companies' property and liability claims data, which is utilized in the evaluation of underwriting of property/casualty insurance.

The ISO integration is comprised of two parts: contributing claim data (APLUS) and ordering reports (loss history). In order to order reports, you must contribute to ISO's APLUS database.

Vendor Contact

Juan Betancur
Account Executive, Verisk (ISO)
678.869.5558 (P) | 678.232.8169 (C)

Yun Tu
Business and Product Analyst, Verisk (ISO)
201.469.3166 (P)

Mark Anderson
Senior Account Manager, Verisk (IIX)
979.393.0155 (P)

Ryan Simmons
Customer Support, Verisk (IIX)
800.299.7099 x162 (P)

Getting Started

  1. Contact Juan
  2. Complete paperwork
  3. For claims history, ISO prefers to receive a file that contains a 5-7 year claim history. If you do not have 5-7 years worth of history, some special arrangement may need to be made with ISO
  4. ISO will assign a project manager who will provide
    • A-PLUS FTP User Guide
    • A-PLUS Property Casualty Reporting Specifications
    • A-PLUS New Customer Profile
      • For Data Transmission, check FTP (Secure FTP using HTTPS)
      • For Technical Contact, add
        Patrick Ford
        IWS, Customer Service Specialist
        2305 South Blackman Road
        Building A, Suite 200
        Springfield, MO 65809
    • A-PLUS Data Quality Assurance Process
  5. ISO will provide an account number (your AM Best number) and credentials (username/password) to their secure FTP site
  6. Complete ISO’s IIX Subscription Agreement. Typically you receive this document after the above documents are received/completed. IIX will establish an account from which you can order loss history reports. Since this account is through IIX, the credentials will differ from those for contributing claim data through ISO A-PLUS. However, the credentials will be used with ISO Credit Scoring since both services connect via IIX
  7. Setup your lines of business in BriteCore. Determine whether you will implement a claim's surcharge or credit
  8. Familiarize yourself with BriteCore system tags

BriteCore Setup

IWS Only

Ensure the most up-to-date ISO files are within the vendor documentation, which can be accessed on the IWS home page.

Settings > Vendors

ISO APLUS Reporting

  1. Check the ISO APLUS Reporting box
  2. Click the pencil
  3. Enter your credentials
  4. Click Done

ISO Loss History

  1. Check the ISO Loss History box
  2. Click the pencil
  3. Enter your credentials
  4. Click Done

System Tags

  1. Once your Lines of Business have been created in BriteCore, navigate to Settings > System Wide > System Tags
  2. Reference the A-PLUS Property/Casualty Reporting Specifications (v. 05/20/14) document. Ensure it is the same edition as you received from ISO. If the editions are different, use the newest version provided by ISO
  3. Select ISO APlus tag
  4. Select the Effective Date
  5. Using pages 16 and 17 of the document, tag your Lines of Business accordingly


In Claims > Components > Perils, manually add perils or run the below update statement. The perils in the update statement are those identified by ISO in their A-PLUS Property/Casualty Reporting Specifications document, Appendix B - Loss Types, starting on page 17.

Compare the edition on file to what ISO provided. ISO may have updated their loss types/loss causes/perils.

INSERT INTO perils (id, name, code, aplusCode)
(uuid(), 'Accidental Discharge/Leakage', '01', 'ACCDL'),
(uuid(), 'Appliance Related Water', '02', 'APPL'),
(uuid(), 'Bodily Injury Liability - Non-Auto', '03', 'BINONAUTO'),
(uuid(), 'Boiler and Machinery', '04', 'BOILER'),
(uuid(), 'Business Owners Policy', '05', 'BOP'),
(uuid(), 'Building Collapse', '06', 'CLPS'),
(uuid(), 'Collision, Upset', '07', 'COLL'),
(uuid(), 'Completed Operations Liability', '08', 'COMPOPS'),
(uuid(), 'Contamination', '09', 'CONTA'),
(uuid(), 'Watercraft', '10', 'CRAFT'),
(uuid(), 'Credit Card', '11', 'CREDIT'),
(uuid(), 'Damage to Property of Others', '12', 'DAMAG'),
(uuid(), 'Mysterious Disappearance', '13', 'DISAP'),
(uuid(), 'Mysterious Disappearance Scheduled Property', '14', 'DISSC'),
(uuid(), 'Dog Bite (Liability)', '15', 'DOG'),
(uuid(), 'Employee Dishonesty', '16', 'EMPLOYEE'),
(uuid(), 'Errors and Omissions', '17', 'EO'),
(uuid(), 'Employment Practice Liability', '18', 'EPLY'),
(uuid(), 'Explosion', '19', 'EXPL'),
(uuid(), 'Extended Coverage Perils', '20', 'EXTEN'),
(uuid(), 'Fire', '21', 'FIRE'),
(uuid(), 'Fire Legal Liability', '22', 'FIREELL'),
(uuid(), 'Flood', '23', 'FLOOD'),
(uuid(), 'Foreign Object Intake', '24', 'FOROB'),
(uuid(), 'Freezing Water (including bursting pipes)', '25', 'FREEZE'),
(uuid(), 'Broken Window', '26', 'GLASS'),
(uuid(), 'Hail', '27', 'HAIL'),
(uuid(), 'Ice Damage', '28', 'ICE'),
(uuid(), 'Identification Theft', '29', 'ID'),
(uuid(), 'Liability (all others)', '30', 'LIABILITY'),
(uuid(), 'Lightning', '31', 'LIGHT'),
(uuid(), 'Livestock', '32', 'LIVES'),
(uuid(), 'Liquor Law Liability', '33', 'LLL'),
(uuid(), 'Medical Payments', '34', 'MEDICAL'),
(uuid(), 'Mine Subsidence', '35', 'MINE'),
(uuid(), 'Mold', '36', 'MOLD'),
(uuid(), 'Mold Liability', '37', 'MOLDL'),
(uuid(), 'Earth Movement', '38', 'MOVE'),
(uuid(), 'All Other', '39', 'OTHER'),
(uuid(), 'Products and Completed Operations Bodily Injury', '40', 'PCOBI'),
(uuid(), 'Produced and Completed Operations Property Damage', '41', 'PCOPD'),
(uuid(), 'Physical Damage', '42', 'PHYDA'),
(uuid(), 'Personal Injury - Non-Aut', '43', 'PINONAUTO'),
(uuid(), 'Product Liability', '44', 'PL'),
(uuid(), 'Premises Liability Bodily Injury', '45', 'PLBI'),
(uuid(), 'Pollution Liability', '46', 'PLIAB'),
(uuid(), 'Premises Liability Property Damage', '47', 'PLPD'),
(uuid(), 'Pollution Remediation', '48', 'POLLUTION'),
(uuid(), 'Earthquake', '49', 'QUAKE'),
(uuid(), 'Riot or Civil Commotion', '50', 'RIOT'),
(uuid(), 'Robbery', '51', 'ROBBERY'),
(uuid(), 'Sinkhole', '52', 'SINK'),
(uuid(), 'Slip or Fall (liability)', '53', 'SLIP'),
(uuid(), 'Smoke', '54', 'SMOKE'),
(uuid(), 'Spoilage', '55', 'SPOIL'),
(uuid(), 'Sprinkler Leakage', '56', 'SPRLE'),
(uuid(), 'Theft or Burglary', '57', 'THEFT'),
(uuid(), 'Theft Scheduled Property', '58', 'THFSC'),
(uuid(), 'Vandalism or Malicious Mischief', '59', 'VMM'),
(uuid(), 'Volcano', '60', 'VOLCANO'),
(uuid(), 'Water Damage', '61', 'WATER'),
(uuid(), 'Workers Compensation', '62', 'WC'),
(uuid(), 'Workers Compensation Indemnity', '63', 'WCDEM'),
(uuid(), 'Workers Compensation Medical', '64', 'WCMED'),
(uuid(), 'Weather Related', '65', 'WEATHER'),
(uuid(), 'Wind', '66', 'WIND'),
(uuid(), 'Weight of Ice or Snow', '67', 'WSNOW')

BriteCore Processing: APLUS

Processing a claim

When staff process a claim, ensure the claim is properly denoted as Property or Liability and whether the claim pertains to an Individual or Business. Agents have no control over either designation:

  • The Property or Liability designation appears with the claim status
  • The Individual or Business designation appears on the Information tab of the claim

Month end

  1. At the beginning of a new month, navigate to Policies > Processing > ISO A-PLUS
  2. Click the Generate Last Month’s Report button
    • If claim data exists to be reported, a file will generate for the previous month. If there is no reportable data for the month, no file will generate
  3. You can review the data by clicking on the report link. The data appears in a text file and follows ISO's specifications, which can be found on pages 6 - 15 of the ISO A-PLUS Property/Casualty Reporting Specifications (v.05/20/14) document under the heading A-PLUS PROPERTY REPORTING LAYOUT
  4. Click Send Last Month’s Report button. When the file is successfully sent, the word Sent will appear after the file name. All ISO files will remain in the queue indefinitely

BriteCore Processing: Loss History

Agents and staff can request a loss history report:

  1. For each risk, click the Get Current Loss History button
  2. Ensure the named insured's name is parsed correctly
  3. Click the Get Current Loss History button
  4. If there is no loss history, a Report Number and Loss History date will appear only. If there is a loss history, data will populate the Vendor Reported table


Generate a Past Report

In the event a past report was not sent,

  1. Navigate to Policies > Processing > ISO A-Plus
  2. Click on the ISO A-Plus section to expand the box
  3. In the top boxes, enter the month as MM and year as YYYY for the report in question. For example, for a January 2017 report, enter 01/2017
  4. Click Generate Monthly Report
  5. Click Send Monthly Report when you are ready to send the file. If you left the screen, reenter the month and year prior to clicking Send Monthly Report

Integrate with ISO After Being Live on BriteCore

Initial Steps

  1. Follow the Getting Started steps above
    • In this case, some of your claims history may come from BriteCore
  2. ISO will provide the username, password, and test URL for delivering BriteCore claims history data (https://secureftpa.verisk.com)
  3. Follow the BriteCore Setup steps

Submitting a Test File

  1. Ensure the above steps are completed, especially the Account Number (AM Best number) in Settings > Vendors > Risk Assessment > ISO APLUS Reporting > Account Number
  2. To generate a test file, Navigate to Policies > Processing > ISO APLUS
  3. Click Generate Monthly Report
  4. Click on the file
  5. Copy the file contents to a TXT file
  6. Save the file with the same name as it appears in Policies > Processing > ISO APLUS (e.g., APPROP.20140930.BC)
  7. Using FireFox, navigate to https://secureftp.verisk.com
  8. Login using the credentials provided by ISO
  9. Upload the file

Submitting a Final File

  1. Gain approval from ISO for the test file
  2. Generate all previous month's files from Policies > Processing > ISO APLUS. This vendor integration uses the claim_change_log, which did not exist until November 2013. As such, only claim history after that date can be provided to ISO
  3. Copy/paste the contents of each file into one TXT file*
  4. Save the file with the same name as it appears in Policies > Processing > ISO APLUS (e.g., APPROP.20140930.BC)
  5. Using FireFox, navigate to https://secureftp.verisk.com
  6. Login using the credentials provided by ISO
  7. Upload the file

The following commands will create a single file containing each month's data. In this way, manually copying/pasting the information can be avoided:

  • scp -r [leader instance]:/srv/www/britecore/uploads/vendors/iso
  • Navigate to downloaded IS folder, and run for file in *{.,}*; do cat "$file" >> APPROP.ALL.BC; done

Next Steps

ISO will schedule a meeting with you to review some of the file contents.

Remove and Regenerate a File (IWS Only)

  1. Submit a ticket to IWS
  2. Notate the file name, which should follow the format APPROP.20140930.BC
  3. Locate the file within the Leader or Follower node via this path srv/www/britecore/uploads/vendors/iso
  4. Within the iso directory, run ls to see the files within the folder
  5. Run rm <insert file name> to remove the file
  6. Delete the file from the files table where type=iso_aplus
    Copy the row as a SQL insert prior to deleting the file
  7. Regenerate the file from Policies > Processing > ISO APLUS
  8. If the file was the previous month, click Send Monthly Report; otherwise
    • Access the BriteCore shell > Vendors
    • Run the send_iso_aplus_report tool

Test The Integration (IWS Only)

Access iiX Test Procedures and Cases - Revised 08-2015 document in our ISO vendor integration.


If I use claim's history in my rating, do Vendor Reported claims from ISO affect the claim's count?


Report unclear or missing documentation.