Intacct is an accounting system.

Vendor Contact

Skyler W. Fairchild
CPA, SS&C Solutions
913.951.4204 (P)

Getting Started

Contact Skyler.

BriteCore Setup

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > Accounting > Intacct
  2. Check the box
  3. Click the pencil
  4. Enter the below information
    • Sender ID
    • Sender password
    • Company ID
    • User ID
    • User password
    • Accounts
  5. Optional: Add a claim description template
  6. Click Done

Tags for the Claim Description Template

The following tags can be used to pull data into the claim description template dynamically.

{billno} Claim Number
{policy_number} Policy Number
{externalid} Claim Transaction ID
{transaction_date} Claim Transaction Date
{amount} Claim Transaction Amount
{classification} Classification(Loss, LAE, Legal)
{claimId} Claim ID
{loss_date} Claim Loss Date
{peril} First Claim Peril e.g., Fire, Wind, Lightning
{named_insured} First Named Insured

BriteCore Processing

  1. Navigate to Claims - Processing
  2. Under Pending Payments select payments to be processed
  3. Click Process Selected Pending Payments
  4. These payments will appear in Intacct under Accounts Payable > Bills



More information

  • See PR 4440 for original integration.
  • Those with access can view PR 5733 for more information about exporting payments and adding a claim description template.


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