InsVista notifies mortgagees, lein holders, and loss payees of any relevant policy changes. BriteCore sends InsVista a daily HO file for policy changes on any line of business and a BG file for billing.

If there are no transactions for a given day, no file will appear. When qualifying transactions do occur, these files will report yesterday’s business.

Vendor Contact

Carolyn Morrison
877.474.1779 (P) | 713.206.8999 (C) | 831.536.1068 (F)


Getting Started

  1. Contact Carolyn
  2. Request a copy of what InsVista sends to mortgagees
  3. Complete paperwork
  4. InsVista will provide
    • Client code
    • Client number
    • FTP credentials
  5. Familiarize yourself with BriteCore system tags

BriteCore Setup

Contacts Module

In BriteCore, enter your company in the Contacts module with a role of Primary Carrier.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > InsVista
  2. Check the box
  3. Click the pencil
  4. Enter the Client Code and Client Number
  5. Ensure your company appears in the Remits Payments To section, which pulls from the Contacts module in the above step. The Remits Payments To information is passed to mortgagees via the InsVista notification so mortgagees know to whom and to what addresses to send payments

Billing Schedule

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies > Policy Lifecycle > Billing > Billing Schedules
  2. Set up a billing schedule explicitly named Escrow Billing

System Tags

System tags are necessary to report the primary coverage or deductible:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System Wide > System Tags
  2. Select the InsVista Coverage Description tag
  3. Select the effective date
  4. Verify the tags appear. BriteCore pre-fills the tags for you
    Ensure that items tagged OTHER are correctly tagged as OTHER
  5. Select the Primary Coverage (Coverage A) tag
  6. Select the effective date
  7. Click Tag New Items
  8. Search for the Line Items that are the primary coverage in question (e.g., Coverage A)
  9. Click the magnifying glass
  10. Tag the associated coverage with the phrase PrimaryCoverage to report the correct limit to InsVista
    • If nothing is tagged, BriteCore will search for coverages entitled Coverage A; if none are found, BriteCore will report the aggregate of all coverage limits on the policy
  11. Select the Deductible tag
    Do this only if your deductible is built as a category within the Lines module
    • Select the Effective Date
    • Click Tag New Items
    • Search for the Line Item(s) that contain the deductible
    • If applicable, tag the line item(s) that contain the deductible with the phrase primary
      • This step is only necessary if the deductible value that needs to be sent to Insvista is not on Primary Coverage (Coverage A)
      • The primary value is the only value that will work here
    • Search for the Line Item Categories that contain the deductible. Most likely the category is named Deductible
    • Tag the deductibles with the value without punctuation. For example, if the deductible is $500 then tag the category with 500; if the deductible is $1000 then tag the category with 1000
      • Category system tagging is necessary so that it is more clear to the system which category to search for and what numeric value to report to Insvista
      • Alternatively, Lines setups could be forced to follow stricter naming conventions for categories, which removes flexibility in formatting and has less potential stability in the InsVista report


Setup is required in the Lines module when using Loss Payees. When a loss payee is attached to a coverage on a policy, BriteCore will report the limit, deductible (if applicable), and legal description to the mortgagee via InsVista. The user enters the legal description into the Description Supplemental Question (e.g., John Deere Header Trailer) when built using the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Lines > Effective Date > Policy Type
  2. Click the pencil next to the appropriate policy type
  3. Locate the coverage(s) with Loss Payees
  4. Click the pencil next to the coverage(s)
  5. Click Setup
  6. Check Allow mortgagee/loss payee to be attached to this line item
  7. Click Supplemental Questions. Either a question or schedule may be used
  8. Click Add Question or Add a Schedule
  9. Set the Question Label as Description, or label one of the schedule headers as Description
  10. Select Single Line for the Question Input(s) Type. This step does not apply for schedules
  11. Repeat for each applicable coverage

Test File

Contact IWS, who will send test files to InsVista.

FTP Credentials (IWS Only)

FTP credentials are unique per BriteCore client. Update the clients' FTP credentials within their britecore.cfg file using the InsVista FTP Creds document located in our vendor documentation. For more information, see PR 893.


One week prior to going live, notify InsVista.

BriteCore Processing

Quick Send

  1. On a daily basis, navigate to Policies > Processing > InsVista
  2. Click the Send File button for each file in the Unsent File dropdown

Review and Send

  1. Navigate to Policies > Processing > InsVista
  2. Review each transaction for each file
  3. Click Download Unsent Files
  4. Open with an application like TextWrangler
  5. Click the Send File button for each file in the Unsent File dropdown

Review, Update, and Send

  1. Navigate to Policies > Processing > InsVista
  2. Review each transaction for each file
  3. Uncheck the box for any record included in error
  4. Click the Build File button, which rebuilds the file without the unchecked record
  5. Click the Send File button for each file in the Unsent File dropdown


Create Test Files (IWS Only)

This assumes the site is not yet live. If the site is live, see the Generate a New File how-to.

First Step

Create a test site.

HO File

  1. Create a policy
  2. Add a mortgagee
  3. Commit the policy
  4. Repeat on 5 different policies, preferably of the same effective date
  5. Access shell tools > vendors > insvista
  6. Run the HO tool
  7. Using Cyberduck, download the file(s)
  8. Combine the records into one file

BG File

  1. Create a policy
  2. Add a mortgagee
  3. On the Accounts Receivable screen, choose the mortgagee as the bill whom
  4. Set the Billing Schedule to Escrow Billing
  5. Copy the policy UUID
  6. Insert it into policy_terms.policyId
  7. Copy the policy_terms.billSchedId UUID (escrow billing schedule ID) and the policy_terms.firstBillWhomId UUID (mortgagee's contact ID)
  8. Run an update statement to set the policy_terms.billSchedId and policy_terms.firstBillWhomId to the UUIDs you cipied
  9. Run an update statement to set files.printState='printed' and files.actualPrintDate to today
  10. Access shell tools > vendors > insvista
  11. Run the BG tool
  12. Using Cyberduck, download the file(s)
  13. Combine the records into one file

Send the File

Email both files to nancy@insvista.com.

Generate a New File (IWS Only)

Shell tools > vendors > insvista


BriteCore is reporting the incorrect limits to InsVista. How do I correct the issue?
Ensure you have tagged the correct coverages as identified in the BriteCore Setup section above.

The file is called HO, does BriteCore only report on Homeowner policies?
Though the file is titled HO, all lines of business can be reported to InsVista.

Is data sent for lien holders and/or loss payees?
Data is sent if a contact is added to the property, whether that contact is identified as a mortgagee, lien holder, or loss payee.

Once data is transferred from BriteCore to InsVista, how does InsVista notify mortgagees?
InsVista maintains a lender database with a corresponding method of their delivery: electronic or paper.

Does InsVista provide a daily report of what is received by BriteCore?
After a file is received, InsVista emails the person(s) designated in the InsVista paperwork. The email contains the size of the file and the number of records. Once the file is processed, another e-mail is sent informing the client of the file processed.

How can I view what InsVista received from BriteCore?
Login to InsVista’s site and search for a specific transaction.

When sending cancellation notices, companies need proof of mailing. How can a company confirm when/if a cancellation notice was sent from InsVista to the mortgagee?

  • Paper notices have a mailing proof that is scanned to the InsVista website
  • Electronic notices are designated on the website by the electronic method by which the notice was sent: (a) fax, (b) e-mail, (c) X12, or (d) proprietary interface

I received an InsVista - Returned Item Report email from InsVista, what do I do?
This email indicates the mortgagee address may be incorrect in BriteCore. To correct the issue,

  1. Login to BriteCore
  2. Access the mortgagee in the Contacts module
  3. Verify the mortgagee’s address
  4. Update the mortgagee’s address, if needed
    Updating the address from the Contacts module will update the address for all policies to which the mortgagee is associated
  5. Navigate to the Policies module
  6. Access the policy
  7. Create a dated endorsement revision
  8. Type the reason for the endorsement in the Print Description box so it appears on the Declaration
  9. Commit the new revision on the policy as you would any endorsement, which will trigger a notification to be sent
  10. Allow the system to print the Declaration
  11. Mail the amended Declaration to the insured; the mortgagee copy will be sent to InsVista

A policy(ies) is missing from an HO or BG file, what do I do?

  1. Submit a ticket to IWS with the policy number(s)
  2. Verify the requirements are met for how policies end up in HO/BG files
  3. Create a new file
  4. Access Cyberduck, download the file to your desktop from uploads/vendors/insvista
  5. Copy as SQL Insert the file from files[type][insvista]
  6. Delete the file from the files table
  7. Access the BriteCore shell > Vendors > InsVista
  8. Complete the information
    Enter the files.actualPrintDate for the date from which you want to start building the file
  9. Verify the policy is now in the file
  10. Delete the file from your desktop

More Information

General Info

  • An App Error: [Errno 113] No route to host most likely means InsVista’s service is down (e.g., power outage)
  • Insvista code is located in lib/vendors/insvista.py
  • HO files
    • Qualifying transactions will be in the policy_change_log
  • BG files
    • Policies appear in the BG file according to the files.actualPrintDate
  • Per PR 893 InsVista credentials are unique per client

Codes for HO / BG Files

Reason codes (reason for the generation of the file)

  • CX - Cancellation (HO)
    • CRQ - Customer Request (HO)
    • NPP - Non Payment of Premium (HO)
    • COC - Company Cancelled (HO)
    • OTH - Other (HO)
  • CP - Cancellation Pending (HO)
  • RT - Reinstatement (HO)
  • ED - Endorsement (HO and BG)
  • RN - Renewal (HO and BG)
  • NP - New Policy (HO and BG)
  • DM - Delete Mortgage (HO)
  • NR - Non Renewal (HO)
  • RC - Rescinder of Cancellation (HO)

When both of the below settings are enabled, the codes sent to InsVista are different than the above codes:

  • For renewals, send the "Reminder Notice - Renewal Billing Offer" in place of the "Notice of Cancellation, Non-Payment of Premium"
  • On renewals, suppress the Confirmation of Cancellation

In this case, the following codes are sent:

  • RO instead of RN for renewal
  • RR instead of CP when the policy goes into Non-Payment of Premium on the renewal invoice
  • OTH - Renewal Offer Expired as the reason when the policy cancels on the renewal invoice. The code should still be CX

Coverage description codes

  • Contractors = CNT
  • Fire = DFIRE
  • Earthquake = EQKP
  • Flood = FLOOD
  • Home = HOME
  • Apartment = PPART
  • Condominium = PPCHO
  • Church = PPCHR
  • Mobile Home =PPMBH
  • Rental Dwelling to Others = RDP
  • Rental Condo Unit Owner = RCUP
  • Farm Ranch Owners = FARM
  • Boat Owners = BOAT
  • Other Commercial = COTHER
  • Business Owners - BOP
  • Personal Articles = PAP
  • Personal Liability Umbrella = PLU

Endorsement codes

  • 01 Fire
  • 02 Windstorm
  • 03 Hail
  • 04 Explosion
  • 05 Lightning
  • 06 Riots
  • 07 Smoke
  • 08 Aircraft
  • 09 Vehicles
  • 10 Volcanic Eruption
  • 30 Earthquake
  • 31 Sinkhole
  • 32 Flood
  • 33 Mine Subsidence
  • 34 Sewer and Drain
  • 35 Hurricane
  • 36 Windstorm and Hail
  • 37 Tropical Occurrence

HO Files

File generation
To generate an HO file, the following must be true:

  • A mortgagee is listed under Policies > Revisions > Property
  • A revision on the policy is committed

If the above criteria are met, the applicable transactions on a given policy revision are inputted into that day's InsVista file. The file is sendable the next day, after the file is finalized in nightly processing. For example, if you have made an endorsement to a policy with a revision date of 11/17/2011 and commit the revision on 11/17/2011, then the data will be written to the HO file that day.

Qualifying transactions

  • Mortgagee added, changed, or removed
  • Policy
    • Effective date changed
    • Created
    • Canceled
    • Expired
    • Entered Non-Pay Cancellation Pending
    • Entered Underwriting Cancellation Pending
    • Reinstated
    • Renewed
    • Rewritten
    • Endorsed resulting in premium change
    • Renewal status changed to Non-Renew or Renew
    • Loss Payee added or removed
  • Primary insured changed
  • Primary insured address changed
  • Property address changed

BG Files

File generation
To generate a BG file, the following must be true:

  • A mortgagee is listed in Policies > Revisions > Property
  • The Billing Schedule for the policy is set to Escrow Billing
  • The Bill Whom for the policy is the mortgagee
  • A Premium Due of more than $0
  • An active invoice on a committed revision
  • The invoice printed today

File layout
See this document.


Report unclear or missing documentation.