iCheckGateway enable merchants to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions.

Voiding and refunding payments are not yet supported for this vendor.

Vendor Contact

See the iCheckGateway website.

Getting Started

  1. Contact iCheckGateway. IWS does not presently have a dedicated contact
  2. Complete paperwork
  3. Establish an account and collect your
    • Site ID
    • Site Key
    • API Key
  4. Familiarize yourself with BriteCore payment processing

BriteCore Setup

  1. iCheckGateway must use v2 of BriteCore's payment logic. For those with database access, run
    #UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option='use-v2'
  2. Navigate to Settings > Vendors
  3. Scroll to the Payment Processing section
  4. Select iCheckGateway
  5. Click the pencil
  6. Complete the setup

Contact IWS to Process a Test Payment

  1. Ensure the above steps are complete
  2. In Settings > Vendors > iCheckGateway, enter the Development API Creds found in the original Github issue
  3. Run sudo supervisorctl restart all
  4. Test credit card and ACH payments using the tables below
Test Credit Cards
Card type Card # CVV/CVC Expiration Date
Visa 4111111111111111 123 07/20
Mastercard 5454545454545454 321 09/20
AmEx 378282246310005 1234 12/20
Discover 6011000990139424 222 03/20
Test ACH Accounts
Routing Account Type
083000056 446674336 PC (Personal Checking)
083000108 115654668777 BC (Business Checking)

BriteCore Processing


  • Electronic payments enter the system via sweep payments or the secureCheckout screen. See Electronic Payments for process information
  • Commissions are paid electronically at the end of the month. See Commissions for process information
  • If an error occurs, you will generally see the message Payment Processor Response followed by the reason for the error; for example, Payment Processor Response: Address/zip not matched

More Information

  • This is a new vendor (June 2017) so troubleshooting documentation is in it's infancy
  • See PR 5358 for information on the original integration


Report unclear or missing documentation.