The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB) is a specialty reinsurer of the following coverages: Home Systems Protection (Homeowners Equipment Breakdown), Service Line, Identity Recovery, Farmowners and Commercial Equipment Breakdown, Employment Practices Liability, Data Breach, and CyberOne.

Vendor Contact

Christine Ehresman
Client Company Manager, AVP
610.928.0255 (P) | 610.316.8204 (C)

Getting Started

  1. Contact Christine
  2. Complete paperwork
  3. HSB will provide
    • Username
    • Password
    • Company code
  4. Discuss with HSB how they would like to be notified when a claim occurs
  5. Indicate to HSB that IDR and EB data will be submitted via FTP whereas Service Line and Home System Protection data will be emailed

BriteCore Setup


Build the applicable coverage on the applicable lines of business.


Identity Recovery or Equipment Breakdown

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > Hartford Steam Boiler
  2. Check the box
  3. Click the pencil
  4. Enter the Host (ftp.hsb.com), Username, Password, and Company Code
  5. Enter the Contract Number
  6. Choose the Program Type, Program ID, and Ceding Commission
  7. Enter the commission amount or factor
  8. Select the coverage for each line of business (and effective date) using the tree menu
  9. Add more contracts as needed

Service Line or Home System Protection

Download the Report

  1. Visit this folder
  2. Click on the HSB Service Line report
  3. Download the report

Setup the Report

  1. In BriteCore, navigate to Reports > BriteData
  2. Navigate to the Define your Report tab
  3. Add a Report Name
  4. Select a report Category
  5. Within Run Report Automatically, select Once a month
  6. Scroll to the top of the screen, click Upload Report
  7. Upload the report
  8. Navigate to the Define Rules for your Data tab
  9. Update the Item Name filter to the name of the line item coverage
  10. Navigate to the Finish tab
  11. Click Save Report


Add Perils

  1. Navigate to Claims > Components > Perils
  2. Click Add a New Peril +
  3. Add a peril for each HSB coverage

Add the HSB Reinsurance Contract

  1. Navigate to Claims > Components > Reinsurance
  2. Click Add a Contract +
  3. Set the Contract ID to Hartford Steam Boiler
  4. Enter a Contract Description, such as IDR and EB
  5. Within Name of Reinsurance Company, type Hartford Steam Boiler
  6. Complete the new contact popup with HSB's contact information
  7. Set the Factor Ceded to 1.0000
  8. Select Single Retention for All Coverages

BriteCore Processing


Identity Recovery or Equipment Breakdown

  1. On the first business day of each month, navigate to Policies > Processing > Hartford Steam Boiler
  2. Click Generate Last Month’s Report
  3. Click on the XLS file to view the data. If the file is empty, the word Empty will appear next to the file
  4. When verified, click Send Last Month’s Report. The word Sent will appear next to each TXT file confirming the file has been sent to HSB from BriteCore

If a policy is issued or renewed and then canceled within the same month, the Gross Premium data shows as $0.

Service Line or Home System Protection

  1. On the first business day of each month, navigate to Reports > Attachments
  2. Locate and download the applicable reports
  3. Email the report(s) to your HSB contact


  • When a claim is submitted by an agent or created by a staff member
    1. Attach the HSB reinsurance contract
    2. Set the loss and recovery reserves. Adjusting expenses are not expected on HSB claims
    3. Notify your HSB contact of the claim using HSB's provided notice or BriteCore's Loss Notice. HSB will either remit payment or provide written notice to you of denial
    4. Enter payments as a recovery
    5. In the event of denial, send a separate denial letter to the insured so that from the insured's perspective the claim is yours rather than HSB's


Regenerate a File (IWS Only)

Shell tools > vendors > hsb_generate and hsb_send


How do I make a rate change to my HSB product(s)?
The HSB product offerings are tied to a line item, which is associated with a lines effective date. In order to make changes, a new lines effective date must be created.

Does the HSB report include expired policies?

Who completes inspections?
HSB completes inspections but typically does not provide the inspection report to you.

Are coverage and claim payments treated as separate transactions?
Yes, if you owe HSB payment and are expecting a claim payment, those transactions are separate. Remit full payment to HSB separate from any expected recoveries.


Report unclear or missing documentation.