E2Value is a leading provider of web-based Insurance-to-Value software.

Vendor Contact

Debbie Wagner
Executive Vice President of Sales
262.662.9886 (P) | Fax 203.975.7861 (F)

Getting Started

  1. Determine whether you want to use E2Value's Basic or Advanced Portico
  2. Contact Debbie
  3. Complete paperwork
  4. E2Value will provide
    • A username
    • A password
    • Whether you are using E2Value's Basic or Advanced Portico
    • The product name

BriteCore Setup


Settings > Vendors

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > E2Value
  2. Check the box
  3. Click the pencil
  4. Select the radio button for Basic Integration or Advanced Integration
    • Basic Integration eliminates the need for a user to login to E2Value when accessing the site in BriteCore
    • Advanced Integration allows the same functionality as the Basic Integration but also enables information to be transmitted from BriteCore to E2Value to reduce input duplication, which currently includes the risk address, property valuation, and PDF
  5. Enter the information provided by E2Value. The Product URL chosen is the product to which agents will be directed when retrieving an estimate

You may receive two sets of usernames/passwords from E2Value. In Settings > Vendors, enter the external (agents) username

  • The internal (staff) username has a higher level of permission where users can view/edit all valuations for the account
  • The external (agents) username can only view/edit valuations that the user created based on their username and virtual username credentials

Settings > Modules > BriteQuote

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > BriteQuote > Options
  2. Check the Only allow E2Value lookup on applications box. This setting ensures agents access E2Value reports on applications only, instead of quotes and applications

Lines > Effective Date > Policy Type

Enable/Disable Property Valuation

  1. Navigate to Lines
  2. Click on the most recent Effective Date
  3. Under the desired policy type, click the pencil icon to edit the relevant form
  4. To enable property valuation for a policy type, check the box for Allow Property Valuation
  5. To disable property valuation for a policy type, ensure the box is unchecked for Allow Property Valuation


Disallow specific agencies from accessing E2Value reports:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts module
  2. Access an agency
  3. Navigate to the Role section
  4. Ensure the Agency role is selected
  5. Check the Disallow E2Value box

BriteCore Processing

Basic Integration

  1. Access E2Value within the Agent Portal
  2. Click on the Go to E2Value button
  3. Complete the residential estimate
  4. Retrieve the report
  5. Upload the report to the Attachments tab of the application

Advanced Portico

  1. E2Value is accessed by agents within the Agent Portal
  2. Click on the Go to E2Value button
  3. Complete the residential estimate. To return the property valuation, click Submit result to BriteCore in the upper left corner of the E2Value application
    Important notes
    • Within the BriteCore Agent Portal, the replacement cost value appears next to the Go to E2Value button; within the Administrative Portal, the value appears at the bottom of the Primary Exposures section in Builder
    • If the E2Value popup is closed by the agent during processing, BriteCore will not receive the property valuation. A popup will generate communicating the property valuation was not transferred to BriteCore
    • If an agent clicks Go to E2Value again for the same property, he/she will be directed to the existing E2Value form
  4. The report will be automatically uploaded to the Attachments tab of the application, and subsequent policy, within a folder titled E2Value Property Information. The agent may need to refresh the screen to access the document
    Important note
    • If the property is removed from the application or policy, the PDF file will be archived
    • The file name will be in the following format e2_value_{address_line_1}.pdf
    • The E2Value report will be attached to the Application submitted from BriteQuote administrative alert email sent upon application submission

More Information

  • See PR 5003 for information on the addition of the replacement cost value and PDF being automatically added to BriteCore from E2Value
  • See PR 4454 for information on the basic vs advanced integration


Report unclear or missing documentation.