Preliminary Work

Identify and compile the data for conversion. This document indicates what data can be converted.


Convert Billing Schedules

The method below is the most expedient because each time a new policy type is added in the Lines module, a row is written in the policy_life_cycles table. The row remains even if the policy type is deleted. Also, the policy_life_cycles table references the policy type by name rather than UUID. To convert billing schedules, complete the steps below:

  1. Ensure the site has all applicable billing schedules setup in Settings > Modules> Policies > Policy Lifecycle > Billing > Billing Schedules
  2. Access (or create) a policy
  3. Navigate to the Accounts Receivable
  4. Set theBilling Schedule
  5. Grab the policyId UUID from the URL
  6. Within the database, plug the UUID into policy_terms.policyId
  7. Grab the UUID from policy_terms.billSchedId
  8. Repeat to capture the UUID for each applicable billing schedule

Build Conversion Files Using YAML

Engineers may access these instructions.


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