Printing and Emailing


Upon entering your office, all deliverables should have printed according to your Titanium Blizzard setup. Reference Printing FAQs if your deliverables did not print.



Identified staff receive two emails:

  • Print Job Complete For: email for Titanium Blizzard. Use this email to review what printed
  • Files That Printed For Mutual on 2016-05-20 email from BriteCore. Use this email, when necessary, to troubleshoot why the deliverable printed by reviewing the policy


The New Documents Available - 2016-05-15 email will have been automatically sent to agents. Reference an example in the Printing BriteCore Setup. This is based upon the best practice of sending one summary email to agencies rather than individual emails.

Reference Printing how-tos to resend emails.


InsVista Users

  1. Navigate to Policies > Processing > InsVista
  2. Recall that you are viewing yesterday's business
  3. Reference InsVista BriteCore Processing to process the files

NxTech / IVANS Users

Identified recipients will receive the NxTech Daily Transaction Report email. Reference NxTech BriteCore Processing for more information.


Review the Electronic Payments report.


Report unclear or missing documentation.