This deliverable is generated when the reason for cancellation other than non-pay is satisfied and can be renamed.

Example Wording

  • Example 1

The Notice of Cancellation or Refusal to Renew on policy number {policy_number} is hereby rescinded and the policy is continued in force.

Thank you for your cooperation and prompt attention to this matter. We appreciate your business and value you as a member of our company.

  • Example 2


CARRIER hereby rescinds the NOTICE OF CANCELLATION previously issued for the following reason:
Policy: {policy_number}

A copy of this Continuation of Coverage notice has been sent to mortgagee(s), additional insured(s), and 'Bill to' addressee listed on the policy declarations page.

Your policy will not be cancelled, and any coverages in effect at the time of the previous notice will continue in force with no interruption, unless changed by you later.

Insured Property:

(Note: Please see declarations page for additional properties that may be listed)


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