This deliverable is generated when a policy in non-pay receives a satisfactory payment and can be renamed.

Example Wording

  • Example 1

Payment of {last_payment_amount} was received on {last_payment_date}. Thank you for your payment on {last_payment_date} in the amount of {last_payment_amount}. As a result, policy number {policy_number} is continued in force.

In the unlikely event that your payment is not honored by your bank, this Continuation of Coverage notice is void and the Cancellation Notice previously issued remains in effect.

Thank you! We appreciate your business and value you as a member of our company.

  • Example 2

Payment has been received on Policy #{policy_number} which was due on {due_date}.

You recently received a Cancellation Notice on the above mentioned policy. The notice is voided. The policy remains in full force with no interruptions in coverage.

  • Example 3

Dear {insured}:

CARRIER hereby acknowledges receipt of past due premium on the above reference policy. The policy was previously in Non-Pay Cancellation Pending status while awaiting receipt of your payment. By receiving this notice, you are assured that the policy you carry with our company has been paid and is currently in good standing.

A late fee of $7.00 may have been charged from the amount you paid with the balance being applied to your policy. For future reference, you can make your payment online by going to

If you believe this letter is in error or have any questions, please contact your agent at:
{agency} at {agency_phone}



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