4 February 2019

Assess Reinstatement Fee for Expired Policy

  • Clients may charge a fee when reinstating expired policies by setting a value in the Dollar amount accessed when an expired policy is reinstated box on the Reinstatement tab in the Policy Lifecycle screen. By default, the fee is $0.00 for reinstatement.

Return Premium Check Number Available in Reports

  • To improve reporting, Return Premium Check Number has been added as an option in the BriteData Report Builder. Return Premium Check Number works well alongside Return Premium Policy Number and Return Premium Amount.

APO Addresses Available in the State Dropdown Menu for Electronic Billing

  • Army Post Office (APO) addresses are available in the State dropdown menu for electronic payments. The APO addresses are:
    • AE for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Canada
    • AP for Pacific
    • AA for Americas excluding Canada

Print Application Permission Rule

  • Previously, the Print Application and Submit Application buttons were tied to the same permission rule, agent/policies/submitQuote. If a user did not have permission to submit a quote, the user could not print an application.
  • The agent/policies/printApplication permission rule has been added to separate these functions. Now, a user can have permission to print an application without also having permission to submit a quote.