28 January 2019

Add a Catastrophe (CAT)

  • Two advanced settings control attaching a Catastrophe (CAT) to a claim:
    • allow-cat-auto-assign, default False
    • automatically-fill-loss-cause, default True
  • If the values are in default, Britecore will prompt a CAT suggestion and, if that CAT is selected, the loss causes will be filled with the CAT related loss causes.
    • If the allow-cat-auto-assign is set to True, Britecore will assign the CAT to that Claim without any prompt.
    • If automatically-fill-loss-cause is set to False, Britecore will not fill loss causes related to the CAT.

Added Due Date to Accounting DataFrame and Accounting Details Report

  • Due Date (Invoice Due Date) has been added to the BriteData Report Builder in the Accounting Data Report to assist with accounts billed but not collected (Premium In Course of Collection that is past due).