21 January 2019

Decimal and Integer Validation Parameters

  • A Lines Administrator may require additional validation parameters when setting up modifications (such as Schedule Mod, Experience Mod, and Anniversary Rating Mod) to get the exact values necessary without using workarounds. To meet this need, Positive or Negative Decimal Number and Positive or Negative Integer (less or greater than 0) have been added as validation parameters.
    • For Positive or Negative Decimal Number, users must include a leading zero. For example, an entry of 0.987 works correctly but .987 does not.
    • For Positive or Negative Integer (less or greater than 0), a user must enter a positive or negative number other than zero.

Set Up ISO Verisk - 360Value: Select Home Type

  • For 360Valuations, users select the home type to receive a more targeted valuation for underwriting.
  • Users must select among 1-4 Families, Condo IU and Manufactured/Mobile.

Do Not Trigger Persistent Builder for Newly-Added Category Object

  • The Do not trigger Persistent Builder for newly-added Category object setting available during Line Item setup allows users to prevent trigger Persist Builder for cases, such as:
    • Lines setup where in one effective date there exists a line item (A. Residence) on a policy type (Dwelling) that has categories in its rate chain.
    • Within an effective date, a line item (e.g., Coverage A) does not have categories. A new effective date is created and categories are added to the Coverage A line item.

Edit Line Item - Save without Exiting

  • The Line Item screen of a policy has been updated with a Save button instead of the Save and Exit button.
    • Rather than being redirected to the Policy Type screen when users click Save, they will remain on the Edit Line Item Screen. The warnings and popups remain unchanged.
    • When users click the Cancel button, they will be redirected back to the Policy Type screen.

Claim Payment Check Number in Reports

  • Claim Number and Claim Payment Check Number have been added to the BriteData Report Builder to improve accounting and record keeping for Claims transactions.