14 January 2018

Create Custom Quoting Limit Threshold Error Message

  • The limit-threshold-submission-error advanced setting allows users to create a custom error message that will be displayed if an agent tries to submit an application that exceeds the quoting limit threshold.

Use Comma Separated List for Underwriting Rules

  • When creating an underwriting rule, users can now enter either a range (i.e. 0-50000) or comma separated values (i.e. 20000,30000,40000,50000) for the limit under Trigger.

How to Access BriteCore's Data Dictionary

  • Data frames (data dictionaries) contain data from one or more database tables. At present, BriteCore produces two categories of data: data frames and prepared data frames (data dictionaries). These are stored as CSV files to allow manipulation via other tools, such as Excel and Jupyter.
  • To access the Data Dictionary,
    1. Log in as an administrator
    2. Navigate to Reports
    3. Click Data Dictionary

Customize Processed FNOL or Claims Email Body

  • Users can customize the body of a FNOL email or claim email that is sent to the Agent when a claim has been processed.
  • Variables, such as {reserve} and {cause_of_loss}, will be replaced with the actual values from each processed claim. The Help link gives users more info on adding variables to the email.

Link to Payment Methods

  • In the Administrative Portal, users can click on the Payment Details link on the Accounts Receivable screen to quickly navigate to the Bill Whom's payment method.