3 September 2018

Hide Unlinked Rate Chain Items

  • The remove-unlinked-rate-chain-items setting allows clients to hide unlinked rate chain items from the Rate Chain Details popup that appears when a user clicks the magnifying glass icon in the Policy Builder.

Designate a Primary Property

  • The show-primary-property setting allows clients to designate a primary property on a multi-property policy in order to provide an accurate rate.

On Base Export

  • On Base as been added as a vendor under Settings > Vendors > Imaging.
  • As part of nightly processing, clients can export policy files and claims loss notices to their FTP server to use with On Base.

Improved Additional Insured Functionality

  • The additional-insured-display-address-allow-deletion setting adds the desired features of the Contact > Generic supplemental question to the Contact > Additional supplemental question. When this setting is enable and the Contact > Additional supplemental question is used:
    • Only contacts on the policy can be selected in the Builder via dropdown
    • The selected contact's address appears in Builder
    • The contact's name and address appear on the Declaration