17 September 2018

Label Agents as Agency Administrators

  • An Agency Administrators section has been added to organization contacts, which allows clients to assign administrators to agencies.
  • Contacts assigned as agency administrators
    • Have the agent role
    • Do not have special permissions in BriteCore
    • Are designated by a system tag, Contact Administrator, which makes them easy to identify and contact
  • Within the client's office, agency administrators are responsible for assigning agents to agencies.
  • To add an agency administrator to an organization, complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate to Contacts
    2. Edit an organization or click New Organization
    3. Click Edit beside Agency Administrators
    4. Select the contacts to designate as agency administrators
    5. Click Done

Disable Revisions on Policies No Longer In-Force (Canceled)

  • The following behavior is now the BriteCore default. That is, no setting presently exists to alter the behavior.
  • When a policy is not in-force (canceled), revisions cannot be committed and endorsements cannot be processed.
  • To commit a revision on a canceled policy, the policy must be reinstated.

ISO Prefill Services

  • Prefill Services uses the 360Value API call to get data use in preliminary quoting and rate categories.
  • Prefill Services can populate several fields in the Policy Builder:
    • Exterior Wall Construction Type
    • Percent Wood Framing
    • Exterior Wall Finish
    • Foundation Type
    • Number of Full Bathrooms
    • Number of Half Bathrooms
    • Number of Bedrooms
    • Number of Stories
    • Roof Cover (Type)
    • Roof Shape
    • Use or Number of Families
    • Year Built

Insvista: Non-Renewal Change Log

  • The validate-non-renew-date-log-with-life-cycle advanced setting allows clients to send non-renewable notices to Invista according to the non-renewal configured timeline, rather than when the policy is set to non-renew.
  • For example, if a policy is set to non-renew 90 days before expiration and insureds need to be contacted 60 days prior to expiration, the non-renewable notice will be sent 60 days prior to expiration.

Additions to the Payments Received Report

  • On the Payments Per Policy tab, the Payment Made By column was added.
  • A new tab, Payments Per Payment Type, was added that groups payments by payment time, such as credit card payments.

Printing the Declaration Across Terms

  • The print-deliverable-if-propagation-crosses-term advanced setting ensures that the new renewal Declaration will print if a late term endorsement is processed after the renewal has been issued.
  • Previously, BriteCore would not print the new renewal Declaration.

Resending Missed Files

  • If OnBase fails to receive files for an extended period of time (a day or more), developers can use bin/onbase_tools.py to process files for a specific date range.