12 September 2018

Display Credit Card Fees

  • Credit card fees are now displayed on the Payment Receipt under the amount charged in the Amount column.

ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading (BCEG)

  • When BCEG is enabled, users must input the construction year. ISO will then return a protection class and BCEG code.
  • To enable BCEG, two settings must be turned on:
    • The require-construction-year advanced setting requires the construction year field in the location/risk address model.
    • The show-bcegs-code advanced setting displays the BCEG code retrieved from ISO.

Set Up Triggerable Events

  • BriteCore stock deliverables are tied to specific events, such as issuing a policy. A new document_events database table allows clients to further define the events that trigger a deliverable.
  • Currently only the application_submission event is supported by the table, but additional events may be added in the future.