27 August 2018

Hide a Contact's Social Security Number

  • To better protect a Contact's identity, the mask-ssn-on-edit-contact setting hides all but the last four digits of a Contact's social security number (SSN) when the contact is edited in BriteQuote.
  • This setting is enabled by default.

Address Validation Using Google

  • The google-address-standardization setting allows clients to use Google to standardize addresses.
  • This setting is turned off by default.

Endorsement Summary Deliverable

  • The generate_endorsement_summary setting allows clients to generate an Endorsement Summary deliverable that displays individual changes to an endorsement. This deliverable is useful when an insured requests a change to the policy contract.
  • The Endorsement Summary is located under Deliverables > Endorsement Summary.
  • Endorsement Summaries do not print automatically.
  • To customize an Endorsement Summary,
    1. Navigate to Settings > Deliverables
    2. Search for Endorsement Summary
    3. Click the pencil icon
    4. Make desired changes
    5. Click Save

Allow Agents to Add Payment Methods

  • Changes to the restrict-agent-billing-setup and agent-available-billing-setup settings make it possible to allow agents to add credit cards and ACH accounts within the Agent Portal.

Auto Pull Credit Scores when Insured Information Changes

  • The auto-fetch-credit-score setting automatically pulls a new credit score when the following changes occur:
    • Name
    • DOB
    • SSN
    • Address

New Claim Date Labels

  • Two new labels have been added for claim dates: Litigated by Outside Counsel and Litigated by Inside Counsel.

Add Phone and Email Fields to the File a Claim Form

  • The require-claim-best-contact-phone-email setting adds two new mandatory fields to the File a Claim form in the Agent Portal: Best Contact Phone and Best Contact Email.

Restrict Quoting by State and Policy Type

  • Clients can manage the business locations and lines of business for which an agency is licensed.
  • By default, agents within an agency can write business in all configured business locations and lines of business.
  • Clients must remove unlicensed business locations and lines for each agency. Since access is granted at the agency level, all agents associated with an agency will have permission to write business in accordance with the agency’s configuration.
  • To restrict by state,
    1. Navigate to Contacts
    2. Select Agency from the Filter By dropdown menu
    3. Select an agency from the list of agencies
    4. Navigate to Configuration
    5. Click Add another state to this agency
    6. Select the state to remove or add
    7. Click Remove or Add
    8. Click Save Changes
  • To restrict by policy type,
    1. Navigate to Contacts
    2. Select Agency from the Filter By dropdown menu
    3. Select an agency from the list
    4. Navigate to Configuration in the toolbar
    5. Select the state for the agency
    6. Select the policy type from the Lines of Business
    7. Click Remove or Add
    8. Click Save Changes

Disable Editing for FEIN and SSN Fields

  • The disable_fein_ssn_for_active_policy setting locks the FEIN and SSN fields so they cannot be edited after a policy is set to active.

Require Prior Address

  • The address-type-options setting allows users to classify an address as a prior address.
  • The Purchase Date setting allows clients to require a prior address when obtaining a credit score. To enable,
    1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Contacts
    2. In the Contact Pop-up section, check Purchase Date for BriteCore and BriteQuote
  • The days_to_collect_prior_address allows clients to specify how many days after the purchase date of a new property the insured's prior address is required.

Login Credential Notification Emails

  • When the emailOnCreate setting is enabled, Contacts receive an email with login credentials when credentials are created or assigned to them.
  • This setting is on by default.

Include All Attachments in Application Email

  • When the application-email-include-all-attachments setting is enabled, all files added to the Attachments portion of the quoting process are included in the submitted application email.

Stop Automatic Policy Renewals

  • The auto_renewal setting allows clients to determine whether or not policies renew automatically.
  • By default, this setting is turned on and policies renew by default.

Changes to Agency Billing | Documentation

  • Agency billing has been updated, and a few new features have been added. These new features allow users to exclude line items from agency billing, hide billing folders for agency billing, and cancel agency billed policies for non-payment.