23 May 2018

Require Users to Accept Custom Terms & Conditions on Login

  • If enabled, the enable-terms-and-conditions-popup setting requires users to accept the Terms & Conditions after entering their login credentials. The Terms & Conditions appear in a popup. If changes are made, users can be required to accept the Terms & Conditions again.
  • To enable, contact IWS via a ticket.

Create Custom Terms & Conditions Content

  • The britecore-terms-and-conditions-text setting allows users to input custom text for the Terms & Conditions.
  • To add custom Terms & Conditions content, contact IWS via a ticket, or complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate to System Wide > Login Information
    2. In the Terms & Conditions section, input the custom content
    3. Click Save
  • To require users to accept changed Terms & Conditions, edit the Terms & Conditions content, and then click Reset Terms for all users.

Display Claim Type or Policy Type in the Header of a Claim

  • The claims-header-type setting allows users to choose whether to display the claim type or the policy type in the right corner of the header of a claim. The claim type is displayed by default.
    • The first image below displays the claim type in the right corner of the header in black text.
    • The second image below displays the policy type.
  • To enable this setting, contact IWS via a ticket.
  Image 1:  Claim Type

Image 1: Claim Type

  Image 2:  Policy Type

Image 2: Policy Type