31 December 2018

Display the Agency Sweep Account on the Accounts Receivable Screen

  • The allow-sweep-payments-in-billing-setup advanced setting allows clients to determine whether or not to include the agency sweep account in the Payment Method section of the Accounts Receivable screen of the Administrative Portal.
  • This setting is False by default. When this setting is False the agency sweep account is not included in the Payment Method section, which ensures insurance staff do not inadvertently select the agency's sweep account for auto payment on future invoices.

Show/Hide Duplicate Addresses on Inspection Due Report

  • Clients may choose to show or hide duplicate addresses for the same policy on the Inspections Due report. When the inspections-due-omit-addr-dupes-by-policy advanced setting is set to:
    • True: Only duplicated addresses on the same policy are hidden on the Inspections Due report. Addresses that are duplicated on different properties will show on the report.
    • False (Default): All duplicated addresses will be hidden on the Inspections Due report.