24 December 2018

Prevent Multiple Open Revisions

  • The prevent-creation-of-multiple-open-revisions-simultaneously advanced setting prevents users from creating duplicate endorsements. With the setting enabled, users cannot create more than one open revision at a time.
  • By default, this setting is False, and BriteCore allows users to independently initiate revisions (endorsements) on different dates without issuing them.

Postpone Past Outstanding Debits for an NSF Payment

  • In the NSF Payment popup, Postpone past outstanding invoices to: allows the user to apply the postpone date only to past outstanding debits. When the NSF is processed, a past invoice that has not been paid in full will have the new postpone date and cancel date.

Enforce Underwriting and Non-Pay Cancel Dates

  • The Enforce Cancel Date IFF NonPay Cancel is Later Than UW checkbox on the Policy Lifecycle page allows clients to enforce underwriting and non-pay cancel dates. When a policy is set to cancel for non-pay and underwriting, this setting will place a higher priority on the underwriting cancellation if and only if the non-pay cancel date surpasses the underwriting cancel date.
  • The Notice of Cancellation Non-Payment of Premium and Continuation of Coverage - NonPay notices will state:
    • Payment of premium does not override the UW scheduled cancellation. If the Underwriting cancellation gets resolved, the system will revert the cancel date back to the original Non-Pay date.
    • Which case the Continuation of Coverage notice will specify reinstatement of underwriting cancellation does not override the scheduled Non-Pay cancellation

Allow/Disallow Agents to Remove Default Line Items

  • When editing a line item, administrators can determine whether a line item is Default or Mandatory for a policy type using the Line item is <Mandatory/Default> for this policy type checkbox and drop-down menu.
  • In the Agent Portal Policy Builder, line items that are set to Default will display a removal option (red X) and can be removed from the policy. Line items that are Mandatory cannot be removed from the policy.

Show Detailed Information About Insureds

  • The show_detailed_information_about_insureds advanced setting allows users to display detailed information on the Policy setup page and the Information tab for a policy, including address, FEIN Tax ID, and Legal Entity Type.