17 December 2018

Show Policy Wide Premium During Rating

  • The show_policy_wide_premium advanced setting allows clients to display each portion of a policy's premium to agents so they can explain policy premium to insureds during the quoting process.
  • By default, BriteCore shows property coverage and entire policy premiums. With this setting enabled, agents can view each portion of a policy's premium, including the premium for property coverages, policy-wide coverages and entire policy premium.

Import Batch Payments: Enable the CSV File Upload

  • The enable-batch-payments advanced setting uploads a CSV file to populate the batch payments table, rather than requiring the values to be entered manually.
  • If any data corrections have to be made, users can edit values in the table on the Batch Payments page, rather than editing the CSV file and uploading it again.

Premium Write-Off: Option to Add a Reason

  • To improve the audit trail, users can type a Reason for premium write off in the Write-Off Premium popup. The reason is stored in the policy's Notes section.

IVANS Email Notifications

  • When setting up NxTech eDocs and NxTech Downloads services, clients can add email addresses that will be sent notifications when files are built and exported to IVANS servers during nightly export processes.
  • For the policy download notification, a CSV file will be attached to the email.
  • For the eDocs notification, the email will show the file names uploaded and appended transaction codes.

Set Up Custom Claim Status

  • The claim-custom-status advanced setting allows users to add custom claim status codes in BriteCore. The custom status values display on the following BriteCore pages:
    • BriteCore Claim Search status drop-down menu
    • BriteCore Admin Claim Status menu
    • BriteCore reports