14 December 2018

New BriteWiki

We are elated to open the new BriteWiki to our clients. At BriteCon2018, we communicated we would open BriteWiki access to you by the end of 2018. Since BriteCon, our newly-formed technical writing team has conducted user tests with some clients to verify our content is discoverable, our design usable, and our permissions accurate. We feel the BriteWiki is now ready for use.

Starting now, all clients have access to the next-generation BriteWiki. You can access the BriteWiki via direct URL https://britecore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BSHP/overview or by typing britecore.support into your browser. Note that neither http:// nor www is needed when typing britecore.support. You will be directed to the client homepage where a five minute overview video is available. Once accessed, we recommend you bookmark the BriteWiki’s homepage.

We will keep the current support site available, as well as BriteCore links to it, through January to provide time to transition your staff.

Within the new BriteWiki, you will experience a more powerful search and better overall organization. We hope you find this a helpful reference resource on BriteCore functionality and features.


The Education Team at BriteCore