10 December 2018

Contact Permissions

  • Contact permissions are used to determine which users have the ability to view and edit contact roles and login information:
    • Edit and display login information: /britecore/contacts/information/loginInformation
    • Save role data: /britecore/contacts/storeRoles
    • Prevent adding roles: /britecore/contacts/information/retrieveRoles
  • Each role has a custom permission rule that can be added to any Permission Level Group. Permissions for specific roles override the storeRoles rule.
  • If role permissions are set to None, contacts with the role will be hidden from the Contacts search screen.

Non-Pay Cancellations of Agency Billed Policies

  • The nonpay_cancellation_for_agency_billed_policies advanced setting allows both agency and directly billed policies to be canceled for non-pay. This prevents agents from having manually generate deliverables on policies that should have been canceled.

Enforce Min/Max Payment Amount for Sweep Payments

  • This feature prevents sweep payments outside of the current amount due (minimum) and payoff amount (maximum).
  • To enable,
    1. Navigate to Settings > Modules
    2. Click Policies
    3. Under the Policy Lifecycle click the Edit button (confirm the pop-up message, click Yes to save your data)
    4. Confirm the Policy Type
    5. Check the box for Enforce minimum (currently due) and maximum (payoff amount) payment amounts when making agent sweep payments
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

Release Version Added to the Footer

  • In the Administrative Portal, check the footer to see which code base release version the current BriteCore site is running from and when it was last updated:
    • Specific custom code bases are identified by a string of numbers
    • The most recent code base is called "master"

Change the Mailing Date to the Endorsement (Revision) Commit Date

  • When a new revision is created on a policy, the Declaration’s default mailing date is the revision effective date. The use-revision-commit-date-as-dec-mailing-date advanced setting changes the mailing date to be the revision commit date.