14 November 2018

Allow Duplicate FEIN/SSN

  • The allow-duplicate-fein advanced setting allows duplicate FEIN/Tax IDs to be created when set to True.
  • The setting is set to False by default to enforce Risk Clearance. When the setting is set to False and a duplicate FEIN/Tax ID is entered, an alert message is displayed.

Acord AL3

  • BriteCore supports AL3 files, which handle the transmission of insurance information. Currently, BriteCore's Acord AL3 integration needs to be setup in the database, rather than the user interface.

Lexis Nexis Credit Score Testing

  • Lexis Nexis Credit Scoring automatically defaults to Production. However, a radio button under Settings > Vendors > Lexis Nexis Credit Scoring allows clients to toggle between production and test servers so clients aren’t charged for pulling credit scores during the testing process.