8 October 2018

Display the Deductible Value and Percentage

  • Some deductibles are a percentage of coverage rather than a flat dollar amount. The display-adjustable-deductible advanced setting and Display deductible for adjustments in Declarations checkbox allow clients to display the deductible as a percentage and dollar amount on the declaration.

Billing for Unearned/Earned Premium

  • The cancel_invoice_bill_for advanced setting allows clients to determine whether the Cancellation Billing Statement shows unearned or earned premium as the Total Amount Due.
  • Setting cancel_invoice_bill_for to Earned is recommended for clients who use BriteCore's policy administration system.

Print Billing Schedule

  • Agents can print the billing schedule:
    1. Navigate to Billing
    2. Click View Schedule
    3. Click Print Schedule in the pop up window
    4. For optimal formatting, check Background graphics

Allow Payments on Submitted Applications

  • The allow_pay_submitted_policies advanced setting allows users to apply payments to submitted policies using either the lockbox or DCR screen.

Search for Policies on Claims Page

  • Users can search for a policy by policy number or insured's name when filing a claim.