29 October 2018

Default ISO on Protection Class (PC) Fail

  • The default-pc-lookup-to-prior advanced setting replaces the User Warning for ISO Protection Class Lookup failures with an Admin Processing Error alert email. Then, the setting defaults PC to the prior ISO manual rating.

BCEG Construction Year Setting to Communicate with ISO for Protection Class

  • When the BCEG (Building Code Effectiveness Grading) is enabled, the location address interface will ask to collect the construction year to communicate with ISO. This determines a Protection Class and BCEG Code value for clients.
  • The require-construction-year advanced setting requires users to enter the construction year for the location/risk address model.
  • The show-bcegs-code advanced setting displays the BCEG code retrieved from ISO.

ISO Protection Class Service: Add Configurable URL

  • serviceURL has been added as an optional field to the vendor in the database. A URL set in the database through that field has higher precedence over default URLs that are hardcoded in the application code.