22 October 2018

Set Up Risk Numbering and Naming

  • The complex_risk_naming advanced setting allows users to create a naming convention when adding risks to a policy which automates risk naming. This setting allows users to add one auto incrementing count to the naming convention which can be useful for policies with multiple risks.

Set Up Agency Downloads (IVANS)

  • IVANS is an interface for the exchange of insurance information between property and casualty insurers, agents, and trading partners. Using the ACORD Automation Level 3 (AL-3) standard, industry partners are able to electronically exchange information such as policy/submission, claims, and accounting data.
  • Several changes and additions were made to the IVANS integration:
    • BriteCore added an additional transaction trigger:
      • Primary insured name/address changed
    • BriteCore can now send PDFs to IVANS (edocs) and has a tool to support it
    • BriteCore can now send commissions and claims data to IVANS

Display Coverage Limit on Declaration

  • When enabled, the display-coverage-zero-limit advanced setting displays the coverage limit on deliverables as a number, even if that limit is $0 (zero). Previously, coverage limits of zero were displayed as ***.