18 July 2017

Track Agency Contacts on a Policy | Documentation

  • Via a setting, users who attach agencies to policies may also assign an agency contact to the policy. The purpose for which is to identify a specific agency contact for customer-service related inquiries.

Add Adjuster Phone Number to Deliverables | Documentation

  • An adjuster's phone number can be added to any deliverable via the {adjuster_phone} tag.

View Unsubmitted Claims | Documentation

  • By default, unsubmitted claims are hidden from the Administrative Portal under the premise that a carrier does not want to know about a claim until it is submitted by an agent. A new setting allows users to control whether unsubmitted claims are searchable within the Administrative Portal.

Add a Hard Stop to Underwriting Questions | Documentation

  • While quoting, a hard stop can now be applied to the initial set of underwriting questions.