21 June 2017

SSNs | Documentation

  • Presently BriteCore disallows duplicate SSNs. A new setting allows duplicate SSNs to exist with in BriteCore to better accommodate insureds who may receive a quote with different agencies. See the documentation for more information.

New Payment Merchant | Documentation

  • A new merchant gateway, iCheckGateway, was added to BriteCore. See the documentation for more information.

Email Branding | Documentation

  • New settings allow carriers to brand the subject line of emails sent to outside users like agents and adjusters. See the documentation for more information.

Update for Claim Emails

  • Agents or agencies, whichever is attached to policies, can receive emails related to claim activity (see our claims documentation. Currently, carriers cannot intuitively assign an email address to which claim activity is directed. With this change a new Direct Claim Activity To setting allows carriers to explicitly set the email address, which appears under the Contacts > Notices section of contacts with a role of agent or agency. The Direct Claim Activity To dropdown will populate with a list of emails defined on the contact.
  • To avoid a change in where emails are currently directed, the Direct Claim Activity To drop down defaults to No email selected. This will provide time for you to update the setting to the desired agent or agency email.