21 February 2018

Printing Options Dependent Upon an Item's Premium | Documentation

  • When enabled, a new setting dictates whether or not forms will be printed for new businesses. When Print only when this item's premium is checked and a condition is selected from the drop down menu, the form may not print based upon the configuration of the setting. Examples of conditions include but are not limited to a premium that is greater than $0; greater or equal to $0; equal to $0, not equal to $0; less or equal to $0; or less than $0.

New Merged Mailings Settings | Documentation

  • The merged_mailing_doc_name setting allows the user to customize the name of the merged mailing documents and the folder.
  • The privatize_merge_mailings setting allows the user to set the Mailings folder to unlocked and viewable by the agent by default. This setting changes the default for future merged mailings, as well as scans the system and updates lock statuses for existing merged mailings.

Custom Name an Exported Report | Documentation

  • If a user selects Put in Export Queue or Export Automatically from the Export Options list when creating a new report in BriteData, the user can add a custom filename to the exported report.

Hide Custom Deliverables | Documentation

  • Users can hide selected custom deliverables from the Custom Deliverables list on a policy in order to limit the length of the list.