13 February 2017

Emailing from individual policies and claims | Documentation | Video (3:32)

  • This new email feature allows users to send a custom message to an identified recipient(s) with any desired attachment(s) associated with a policy or claim. See the video for more information.

Back to List for Contact Searching

  • A Back to List button has been added to the Contacts module search. The button will improve contact searching by saving your previous search.

Attachments and print dates

  • Prior to this change the print date associated with a deliverable in the Attachments tab of a policy is the date the deliverable is scheduled to be sent to the printer. There are cases, though, where the scheduled date is not the actual date the deliverable is sent to the printer (e.g., weekends). For improved auditing, the scheduled print date will be replaced with the date the file is sent to the printer. This change will provide a more accurate record of when deliverables printed.