4 August 2016

Printing vendor

  • For those considering Mass Printing as a vendor, the contactId was added to the getToBePrinted API call. The getToBePrinted API call is used by vendors to retreive the deliverables that should print for the day.

Default address type

  • When adding a new contact to the system, the contact’s address type will automatically default to Mailing/Billing. This differs from previous behavior where the address type defaulted to blank. Introduced primarily to improve the agent experience, defaulting to Mailing/Billing reduces the number of clicks needed to add a contact.
  • This behavior is global and applies to all areas of the system where new contacts can be added. If needed, the type can be easily updated by selecting the desired value from the dropdown list.


  • A line item setting exists that requires an application be submitted unbound if the line item's limit is above a defined threshold. The Due to the requested limit of Line Item, this application must be submitted unbound popup now generates when the user leaves the Rating tab while quoting. Previously, the popup only fired when a user clicked Rate and Save.

Custom deliverables | Documentation

  • OCR codes can now be added to Custom Deliverables built with HTML/CSS. See the documentation for more information.