28 March 2016

Payment setting

  • You now have greater control over electronic payments for policies in Cancellation Pending. The existing setting to restrict payments for policies in Cancellation Pending has been divided into two settings. With this release you may now separate payments against policies in Cancellation Pending for Non-Pay from policies in Cancellation Pending for Underwriting.

  • By default, if the previous setting was enabled both new settings will be enabled. This will retain existing behavior but can be updated if needed. To update the setting, navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies > Policy Lifecycle > Non-Pay.

Show in builder

  • There is now more flexibility for displaying lines items. The existing Show in Builder setting determines whether a line item shows in Builder for staff (BriteCore) and agents (BriteQuote). With the expansion, users may select whether to show the line item in both BriteCore/BriteQuote or just BriteCore. The new BriteCore only option keeps the line item from being available and visible in BriteQuote. If the item is added via BriteCore, it will not be visible in BriteQuote.

  • To honor current functionality, line items that currently have this setting selected will be converted to the Britecore & BriteQuote option.

  • As a final note, this contrasts with the Line item not available in BriteQuote setting. This setting keeps the line item from being selectable in BriteQuote and invisible in BriteQuote if added via BriteCore.