25 May 2016

Email logging

  • As you know, BriteCore is adept at keeping you up-to-date of system occurrences through emails. There are cases when you need to search these emails to troubleshoot an issue. Some clients streamline this process by establishing a central email account that is associated with every Administrative Alert in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts along with the new Receive Copy of Deliverable Emails Sent to Agents checkbox at the bottom of the same page. To further enhance the auditing process, BriteCore now logs the system emails in the Notes section of the appropriate module and, if applicable, individual contact, policy or claim.
  • For example, when users select to send emails from Policies > Processing > Pending Email, a note is created in Policies > Individual Policy > Notes indicating the email was sent. The note will contain the details of the email and indicate when it was sent.