24 February 2016

Renewal reminder | Video (2:09)

  • For renewals, a new stock deliverable is available in Settings > Deliverables > Mass Deliverables. The Reminder Notice - Renewal Billing Offer is generated only when the new setting below is selected.
  • The new deliverable replaces the Notice of Cancellation, Non-Payment of Premium deliverable for renewals. It has specific language that intentionally omits the word Cancellation, which some carriers are not allowed to include on this document.
  • If you intend to utilize this new setting/deliverable, you will need to customize the deliverable in Settings > Deliverables > Mass Deliverables and ensure the new setting is enabled.

Currency formatting | Video (0:51)

  • On the secure checkout page where users submit electronic payments, BriteCore assumes a decimal value would be entered for the Amount of Payment field. The field has been updated to no longer make that assumption. For example, currently if a user enters “55” then “0.55” displays. With this change, if “55” is entered then “55.00” displays.
  • Since this change assumes no decimal value will be entered by the user then the user must add a decimal when necessary. Nonetheless, the field will continue to pre-populate with the appropriate amount due when a policy is entered. Only when a user manually enters an amount will the field behave in the new way described above.